McCrory Calls Federal Election Lawsuit ‘In The Fringes’

Barry Smith, writing at the *Carolina Journal*:

> Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday struck back at the federal government, saying the U.S. Department of Justice was “working in the fringes.” McCrory, a Republican, said the state would defend the lawsuit filed by the Democratic administration of President Barack Obama against the state’s new election laws vigorously.

> “I believe that North Carolina is in the mainstream on this issue and it’s the Justice Department that’s working in the fringes,” McCrory said during a press briefing in Raleigh. McCrory made a statement and took no questions. The state has hired private legal representation to defend the lawsuit.

The Left continues to have hissy-fits because it lost almost all control in North Carolina[^fn1], and this is the latest move to try to paint North Carolina Republicans as far-right loons. Thankfully, I think the people of North Carolina are smart enough to realize just what kind of game Holder and the Justice Department are playing.

[^fn1]: After running it into the ground for years.