RTP Mentions on Limbaugh’s Radio Show

> But do you remember six months ago, maybe not that long, three months ago we were told that North Carolina was gonna determine the election. And particularly, specifically what they call the Research Triangle. There were 49,000 yuppies. Remember this story? Forty-nine thousand people who live in this triangle area, Raleigh-Durham, they were gonna determine the outcome of the election. It was a serious analysis. I’m not making fun of it. It was people who were dead serious about it. It was a very persuasive case that they were making.

> Obviously it was prior to the Democrat convention, and it talked about the circumstance over in Charlotte and Obama having trouble with the black vote and that that Research Triangle area, yuppies over there, whoever they are, the great undecideds, the independents, whatever the makeup was. I don’t remember. I shoulda looked the story up. I shoulda gotten it from the archives. I just remembered this on the fly, just remembered it now. Everybody said the whole election could turn on North Carolina and those 49,000 people. Let’s just assume that they’re right and the election’s over, folks. He-he-he-he-he-he-he.

Shoot. I was so close to casting the deciding vote in the entire election.


Lenovo to Open Small Factory in North Carolina

Good news for the Triangle, even if it is “[l]argely a symbolic gesture, for now.”