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→ Supergirl Gets An Additional Seven Episode Order

Cool. I don’t love the show, but I’m glad we’ll be getting a “full” season (20 episodes instead of the “standard” 22.)

→ Supergirl Pilot Leaks 6 Month Early

My theory: The reaction to the Supergirl trailer was so negative CBS leaked the show so people could make judgments based on the entire pilot instead of just 4 minutes of it.

→ CBS Orders Supergirl To Series

I’m glad this show got picked up, but I am going to refrain from getting excited until I have seen a couple of episodes.

→ CBS Blocking Its Online Content Is Unprecedented and Unfair to Customers

This is Time Warner Cable’s spin on that current CBS negotiations.1 I see no “good guys” in this fight. The networks realize they need to squeeze the cable companies because people are no longer willing to spend as much on ads, and the cable companies want to hold on to their dying business models. The whole thing is a mess.

  1. I am sure CBS has some “reasonable” explanation for its conduct.