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→ Brett Terpstra gives some tips on how to Write Better Markdown

None of these are earth shattering, but I would recommend that anyone who writes Markdown take a look at them.

→ Ulysses III Updated

My favorite app for writing long form pieces in Markdown, Ulysses III,1 has just been updated with some great new features.2 I highly recommend giving it a shot.

  1. Affiliate Link (as is the post link). 

  2. My personal favorites are upgraded Microsoft Word export, global search, and auto-completing tags. 

→ Bret Terpstra launches Marked 2

A major upgrade to the stellar Markdown previewer and toolkit. I use Marked every day, and have been eagerly awaiting this release.1

  1. If you want more information on what Marked 2 can do, check out Cody Fink's review over at MacStories

→ New Macsparky Field Guide – Markdown

David Sparks has released a new MacSpark Field Guide: Markdown1. Based on previous books Mr. Sparks has written, and his knowledge of Markdown, I have really high hopes for this. Actually, I am pretty sure I am going to point to it as the definitive guide on how to use Markdown.

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→ Atwood v. Gruber on the Future of Markdown

If people want to improve Markdown, they should just create a fork or new version. For example, Fletcher Penny’s MultiMarkdown is what I use for all of my writing. Why does Atwood even need Gruber’s permission and/or help to do that?

→ Michael Schechter on Data Portability

Michael Schechter makes the argument against using things like Markdown that might prevent you from moving your data to another platform. Though he makes a good point, I would counter by saying I simply refuse to use a platform that does not support Markdown.1

  1. My counter does not relate to his argument regarding his footnotes plugin. I agree with him on that,