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→ Brett Terpstra gives some tips on how to Write Better Markdown

None of these are earth shattering, but I would recommend that anyone who writes Markdown take a look at them.

→ A Comprehensive Video Guide to TextExpander

This excellent guide to TextExpander has been heavily linked to recently. Take a few minutes to dig into all the information available in this post, and you’ll see why.

→ Pasting Plain Text with TextExpander

A great tip from David Sparks about a TextExpander trick that I have been using for years.

→ Matt Kloskowski points out an Alternative to Watermarks

I have previously mentioned that I am not a fan of watermarks on photos1, but this alternative that Tamara Lackey uses is not that bad.

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→ New Macsparky Field Guide – Markdown

David Sparks has released a new MacSpark Field Guide: Markdown1. Based on previous books Mr. Sparks has written, and his knowledge of Markdown, I have really high hopes for this. Actually, I am pretty sure I am going to point to it as the definitive guide on how to use Markdown.

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→ Dave Caolo with a Brilliant RSS to WordPress Workflow

Dave Caolo just posted a tremendous workflow that helps gets RSS items into WordPress by using IFTTT. It takes about 5 minutes to implement1 and should really help queue up articles that you want to post to your blog. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with this.

  1. 5 minutes, assuming you already have an IFTTT account. Signing up for a new account might make things take a little longer. 

→ Omnifocus for iPhone Also gets TextExpander Touch Support

Like Omnifocus for iPad1, Omnifocus for iPhone also just got TextExpander Touch support. This addition alone makes this a huge update in my book.

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→ Omnifocus for iPad Updated

Omnifocus for iPad1 got an update that includes a key new feature: support for TextExpander Touch. I can hear my fellow geeks rejoicing.

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