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→ The iPhone Extension Trick

Great tip from David Sparks on how to add the extension to an iOS contact.

→ Pasting Plain Text with TextExpander

A great tip from David Sparks about a TextExpander trick that I have been using for years.

→ New Macsparky Field Guide – Markdown

David Sparks has released a new MacSpark Field Guide: Markdown1. Based on previous books Mr. Sparks has written, and his knowledge of Markdown, I have really high hopes for this. Actually, I am pretty sure I am going to point to it as the definitive guide on how to use Markdown.

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→ David Sparks and Brett Terpstra Release a New MacSparky Field Guide

David Sparks and Brett Terpstra have released a new MacSparky Field Guide: 60 Mountain Lion Tips1. I have no doubt it will be worth a purchase2.

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  2. In fact, I am currently downloading it.