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→ OmniFocus 2 for iPhone (and iOS 7) now Available

Omnifocus 2 for iPhone1 is now available in the app store. You can read the reviews from MacStories or Shawn Blanc if you need more information.

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→ OmniGroup’s Plans for 2013

Omnifocus 2 for Mac will make its public debut on January 31st at Macworld, Omnioutliner 4 is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2013, and OmniPresence will allow syncing across the Omni apps and other apps. It should be a really big start of the year for the OmniGroup. Also interesting is their approach to the Mac App Store and upgrade pricing:

Finally, with OmniFocus 2 coming we’ve been thinking a lot about how to implement upgrade pricing from Mac App Store apps. As always, we plan to offer discounted upgrade pricing on our own online store, but unfortunately we don’t have that flexibility in the Mac App Store. We’ve decided to treat the Mac App Store the same way as we treat retail stores: it’s a great way to discover our software, and can give you confidence that it’s been vetted by a third party. And, just as you wouldn’t get a discount from a retail store if you purchase OmniGraffle 5 while owning OmniGraffle 4, you won’t get a discount if you purchase OmniFocus 2 from the Mac App Store. But we’re in the process of updating our store so that you’ll be able to register your Mac App Store apps to get a discounted upgrade price when you buy an update directly from us.

Interesting. I wonder if other Mac developers will follow Omni’s lead in that approach.

→ Omnifocus for iPhone Also gets TextExpander Touch Support

Like Omnifocus for iPad1, Omnifocus for iPhone also just got TextExpander Touch support. This addition alone makes this a huge update in my book.

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→ Omnifocus for iPad Updated

Omnifocus for iPad1 got an update that includes a key new feature: support for TextExpander Touch. I can hear my fellow geeks rejoicing.

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Omnifocus currently on Sale

I missed this earlier, but Omnifocus for Mac1 and Omnifocus for iPad are currently both 50% off. I use the Omnifocus ecosystem to keep track of nearly my whole life. This promotion is a great chance for people who have been interested in Omnifocus, but weary of the pricing, to give it a shot.

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→ Fixing the Mail Rules in OmniFocus on Mountain Lion

I was running into some problems with OmniFocus’ mail rules on my systems that have been upgraded to Mountain Lion1. This workaround can be used to fix things until OmniFocus is upgraded.2

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  2. This problem should only come up if you have not previously setup your mail rules, however, Mountain Lion’s iCloud syncing of mail rules might end up causing some problems that require you resetting up those rules. That’s what happened to me. 

→ Omnifocus and LaunchCenter Pro

Well done Mr. Schechter.