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→ Reeder 3 for Mac Beta is now Available

It’s only the first beta, but if you’re a fan of Reeder, you’re going to want to at least take a look.

→ Back in the comforts of Reeder for Mac

Last week, Reeder 2 for Mac1 was released. After a week using it, I realize just how much I missed Reeder’s fast, easy to use, interface.

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→ Reeder 2 now available

Reeder 21 is out. As a Feed Wrangler user, I have been waiting for this.

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Some updates on Reeder for iPad and Mac

Reeder developer Silvio Rizzi tweeted a couple of updates this morning:

  1. Reeder 2 for iPad will go into beta this week. He also says that he anticipates submitting the app to the App Store in August.

  2. Reeder for Mac still needs work, but he says there will be a public beta.

Personally, I am most looking forward to Reeder for Mac and Reeder for iPhone1

  1. Unfortunately, I have a feeling we won’t be a getting a new version of Reeder for iPhone before, at least, the end of October. 

→ All Versions of Reeder to Be Updated, but not Before July 1st

I am glad that Reeder for iPhone has joined Reeder for iPad and Mac in the “getting a major new update” camp.1 I am disappointed to learn, however, that those updates will not be available until after the Google Reader shutdown. On the bright side, I figured this would happen and have been setting things up Feed Wrangler-centric and Reeder-less workflow for a few weeks now.

  1. Especially since the first cut of Feed Wrangler support will apparently not include Smart Streams. 

→ The Future of Reeder

I am glad to hear that Reeder1 will continue despite Google Reader going away. It has been my “go to” RSS app for some time, and I would have been sad to see it go. That said, making the existing versions of Reeder free worries me. I hope that does not mean Mr. Rizzi thinks new versions of Reeder for iPad and Mac will not be ready by July 1st when Google Reader shuts down.

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