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→ UNC Announces Roy Williams Contract Extension

Part of me thinks this is a sign that UNC isn’t particularly concerned about the pending NCAA allegations.

→ Report: UNC finalizing Roy Williams’ extension

I guess the Carolina brass wasn’t too shaken by the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations.

→ Don’t Run on Roy

It is too bad we cannot get more games like this. It was so fun to watch teams go at each other at this pace.

→ Roy Williams to North Carolina fans: ‘We need some dadgum help.’

I feel little sympathy for Coach Williams when Carolina has consistently jammed its student fans into horrible locations around the arena. If Ole Roy wants to have better fan interaction with the game, he should make the first 5 rows of seats–ALL AROUND THE ARENA–into student seating.

→ Coach Williams Undergoes Kidney Surgery

Best wishes to Coach Roy. Hopefully things go well.