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→ Mookie Betts named best defensive player in baseball

Nice little feather in the cap for Mookie.

→ Mookie Betts wins Gold Glove

The future is bright the core of the Red Sox. Here’s hoping Dombrowski can put a complete team around them.

→ Video: Mookie Betts made a ridiculous throw last night

And I thought JBJ was the one with the arm.

→ Ten Things Mookie Betts Is Doing to Justify the Hype

I’m nervous that if I put on my Mookie shirt tonight that I’ll jinx him.

→ Plate Coverage Fueling Mookie Betts’ Turnaround

Interesting look at how Moookie has improved over the course of the season. (I am getting dangerously close to getting optimistic about the Red Sox, again.)

→ Mookie Betts starting to come around

As a rookie, you have to assume there’s going to be ups and downs. Hopefully, these “up” periods will outnumber the down ones.

→ The Lighting Hands of Mookie Betts

Owen Watson, writing at Fangraphs:

That highlights the trickiness inherent to pitching to Betts: he doesn’t have many glaring holes in his swing and doesn’t chase a lot of bad pitches. Try to bust him inside, and he can drive the ball, even when it’s on the black; try to get him to chase outside, and he’ll take his walks.

It is really hard to keep myself from getting wwwwaaayyyy too excited about Mookie.

→ Mookie Betts dominates in all facets against the Nationals on Monday

It was pretty awesome to watch. I hope Mookie can keep it up all season.

→ Watch Mookie Betts hit an inside the park homer

Mookie is fast. Relatedly: I’m ready for baseball season.

→ Has Mookie Betts made himself a trade untouchable?

Alex Speier writing at WEEI:

Now, at the least, Betts has a chance to assert himself as a player with sufficient versatility to offer the Sox coverage at a number of spots on the field. The Sox have been getting a look at him in center (where he’s been a fairly solid option even as a work in progress) and right (where he has more work to do, given that he’d never played the position before a crash course there in late June). He’s verified the Sox’ suspicions that he can play there.

I am going to be bummed if the Red Sox get rid of Betts or Pedroia. There has to be a way to keep, and play, them both.

→ Why the Red Sox Should Keep Mookie Betts

A good breakdown from Alex Skillin on why the Red Sox should keep Mookie Betts:

Most importantly, Betts has shown an ability to command the strike zone in ways fellow rookies Bradley and Xander Bogaerts have not during their first full seasons in the majors. The Tennessee native has struck out just 13 times and walked on 10 occasions since arriving in the Show.

Betts’ minor league track record also indicates a consistent ability to get on base; he walked 61 times and struck out in just 50 plate appearances over 99 games at Double- and Triple-A earlier in 2014. During that stretch, he got on base at a .431 clip. Even as they impressed at the plate in the minors, Bradley and Bogaerts never showed Betts’ knack for controlling the zone. Bradley struck out 75 times and walked on 41 occasions, while posting a .374 OBP in 374 plate appearances at Pawtucket in 2013. Bogaerts compiled 95 strikeouts to 63 walks along with a .388 OBP over 515 plate appearances between stops in Portland and Pawtucket last year.

I agree with Skillin. I really like Betts' potential, and I would be sad to see him go.

→ Red Sox to promote Mookie Betts to Triple-A Pawtucket

Excellent timing. I am going to watch the PawSox play against the Bulls tonight.