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→ The Lighting Hands of Mookie Betts

Owen Watson, writing at Fangraphs:

That highlights the trickiness inherent to pitching to Betts: he doesn’t have many glaring holes in his swing and doesn’t chase a lot of bad pitches. Try to bust him inside, and he can drive the ball, even when it’s on the black; try to get him to chase outside, and he’ll take his walks.

It is really hard to keep myself from getting wwwwaaayyyy too excited about Mookie.

→ FanGraphs runs down its list of the Year’s 50 Wildest Pitches

I am so glad that Doubront held on to the top spot.

→ Fangraphs Assigns Responsibility for David Ortiz’s Grand Slam

This type of in-depth analysis is exactly why Fangraphs is so great. It would be a disservice to quote just part of it. I highly recommend you read the whole thing.

→ Top Five in Fangraphs No Trade Rankings

Harper and Trout at the top. Not a big surprise.