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A Few Comments on Dutch’s Chain Restaurant Power Rankings

In no particular order (though kind of going down Dutch’s list):

* I would have had Maggiano’s at 1.

* I guess Cheesecake Factory is a *good* chain restaurant, but they just do nothing (outside of maybe cheesecake?) particularly well. If you have a 30 page menu, how can you expect to excel at one or two particular dishes?

* I wish there was a Bertucci’s near us.

* Red Lobster is terrible (*NOTE: I grew up in Maine. I have certain “floor” as to how I’ll accept my seafood. Red Lobster falls below that floor.*)

* Bonefish Grill should be the top seafood place, and it should be slotted above Bertucci’s.

* How many spots does Perkins gain because of the Tiger Woods story? I say at least 5.

* If Johnny Rockets is on the list than Steak & Shake should be on the list. I’d slot Steak & Shake just below Perkins.

* If Longhorn and Lone Star are on the list, why not Outback? I’d put Outback right above Red Lobster (though I might be biased because I know Elyssa loves it.)

* California Pizza Kitchen should be on the list in the Perkins area as well. (*NOTE: I can see leaving off Pizza Hut, but if Bertucci’s is on the list, CPK should be too.*)

* College town Hooters are usually better than “New England Airport Area” Hooters, but they’re still terrible.

If you don’t understand how my blog works, [here are Dutch’s rankings](