Moved On

As you can see below, the last post that I wrote on this site was in 2017. August 2017, as college football season was about to start. Honestly, I am not sure what occured around that time that made me stop writing, but I am pretty sure part of it was that I grew tired of just doing those link posts (which is mainly what the site had devolved into.)

Since then, most of my online “writing” has been on my Twitter page, or, if it was about Disney, at my Disney focus website Rope Drop [dot] Net. Recently, however, I started writing again over at (which, actually, used to be the domain of my photographer website…probably through about 2012-2013.) If you want to follow my writing, check me out at one of those places. For now, my plan is to just keep this site up as an archive of what I tried to do for a few years.

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