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→ Lucha Underground coming to Netflix on Mar. 15, 2017

Get excited!

→ Lucha Underground Close To A Deal With Netflix

I’m in favor of anything that gets more people to watch Lucha Underground.

→ Lucha Underground Returning For A Third Season

This is still the best news I have heard all week.

→ Brandon Stroud’s 10 Best Pro Wrestling Matches Of 2015

Pretty good list. I would have put Sasha v. Bailey from Brooklyn at 1, and bumped the Royal Rumble triple threat down to like 7 or 8, but, overall, it’s a pretty good list.

→ Lucha Underground Season 2 Premieres January 27th

Set your DVRs. This should be great.

→ Lucha Underground Season 3 In The Works, Big Influx Of Cash, Space Aliens

This would be awesome.

→ Alberto Del Rio Just Made A Shocking Return To WWE At Hell In A Cell

I didn’t really see this coming (despite some rumors that WWE was looking to bring him back.) Most importnatly, I think I’m fine with him not being on Lucha Underground Season 2.

→ Time to Catch up on Lucha Underground Season One

If you’re a wrestling fan, you owe it to yourself to catch up on this show.

→ Lucha Underground Producer Reveals What’s In Store For Season 2

Mil Muertes and Catrina taking over the temple and possessing all of the original Aztec gold is obviously a major storyline. Dario Cueto on the run and what that means for the temple and his future makes for a great storyline.

This is going to be so great. I can’t wait for this to start (even if it’s going to be less than the 39 episode Season 1.)

→ Lucha Underground Returns In January, Tapings Begin Next Month

I can’t wait for the end of January.

→ Lucha Underground will be back for Season 2!

Such great news. I’m super pumped for this show to be back on the air. It was so, so great.

→ Update on Lucha Underground from its Executive Producer

Here’s the money quote from executive producer Eric Van Wagenen

There is very little doubt in my mind about the “if”. I’d say its a 99.9% chance that a second season is happening. LU is a partnership, and each of the partners are committed to making season 2 happen. The “To be continued…” at the end of UltimaLucha was not just us trolling you, it was more of a promise.

The issues about money and production costs are indeed real, although vastly overstated. We didn’t spend $20 Million – not even close. El Rey is the one of the best networks I’ve ever worked with, but what they have to spend doesn’t quite cover the costs of a show like Lucha Underground. So our choices are to either 1. Raise the money from another source, or 2. Make the show cheaper.

I guess this makes me feel a little better, but I still wish there would be an official announcement. I am anticipating that we won’t be seeing any new Lucha Underground in 2015, however.

→ Not Just Another Promotion: Looking Back at Lucha Underground

Speaking of Lucha Underground, here’s an excellent recap from Baba T over at The Wrestling Blog. I especially like this point about what Lucha Underground did so well:

Fuck reality, but don’t screw with the internal logic of your show. Create your own rules but don’t randomly abandon them in the middle without warning. LU has done all of this really well. On the other hand (sigh), you have reality era in WWE. WWE tries to be as “real” as possible: women can’t wrestle men because they are not strong enough, not too much flippy stuff because it doesn’t feel like the right psychology etc etc. Ok, so arbitrary limitations on your soap opera in tights show with Irish Whips and perfectly co-ordinated back body drops, cool, fine, accepted, your show, your story. But then none of these real men and women go and behave remotely like anybody we can relate to.

The story telling (both inside the ring and out) was what really set Lucha Underground apart. I really will miss it if it goes away.

→ Before ULTIMA LUCHA, Here’s 37 Minutes Celebrating 37 Episodes Of ‘Lucha Underground’

These next 3 weeks are going to be amazing. If it’s the last of Lucha Underground, than it will be going out with a major bang. (That said, I still will be super bummed if it’s the end.)

→ Eric Van Wagenen gives an update on Lucha Underground Season 2

From the Steve Austin Podcast:

El Rey absolutely wants us back. There’s an offer on the table for 40 more episodes, start airing in October. We want to maintain a certain level of production value. There’s the amount of money El Rey is willing to spend, and then there’s the amount of money we need to maintain the level of quality that we’ve established.” Van Wagenen adds, “There is a combined effort from everyone involved to bridge the gap between what El Rey is offering and what we need. All options are on the table, whether that’s Netflix or iTunes or a secondary broadcast partner, DVD sales, merchandise, whatever it takes. Once we close that gap, we’re announcing.”

This has to happen, right? RIGHT?

→ Whither Lucha Underground

There are more and more rumors that this might be one and only season of Lucha Underground. It’s a huge bummer if that turns out to be the case. I have loved this show.

→ I Love Wrestling: Lucha Underground

I completely agree. Lucha Underground is currently my favorite wrestling show. I am going to be majorly bummed when Season 1 ends and the show goes on break.

→ Get Ready For Lucha Underground’s Flagship Event, ULTIMO LUCHA

Awesome news. Lucha Undergroud and NXT are always battling for my favorite wrestling show of a given week.