Not Just Another Promotion: Looking Back at Lucha Underground

Speaking of *Lucha Underground*, here’s [an excellent recap]( from Baba T over at *The Wrestling Blog*. I especially like this point about what *Lucha Underground* did so well:

> Fuck reality, but don’t screw with the internal logic of your show. Create your own rules but don’t randomly abandon them in the middle without warning. LU has done all of this really well. On the other hand (sigh), you have reality era in WWE. WWE tries to be as “real” as possible: women can’t wrestle men because they are not strong enough, not too much flippy stuff because it doesn’t feel like the right psychology etc etc. Ok, so arbitrary limitations on your soap opera in tights show with Irish Whips and perfectly co-ordinated back body drops, cool, fine, accepted, your show, your story. But then none of these real men and women go and behave remotely like anybody we can relate to.

The story telling (both inside the ring and out) was what really set *Lucha Underground* apart. I really will miss it if it goes away.