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→ Daniel Bryan’s Emotional Retirement Speech Is What Makes Wrestling Great

I had to wait a few days before watching the speech, but it was pretty good once I built up the emotional resistance to give it a shot.

→ Daniel Bryan on Cheap Heat

Daniel Bryan describing his ring attire as “spandex battle jammies” is my favorite thing.

→ Daniel Bryan’s Emotional Speech From Raw About The Intercontinental Title And His Future

This whole thing makes me so sad. The end of Wrestlemania 30 was a triumphant moment, that I thought was going to start the new Daniel Bryan-era of the WWE. Instead, it appears that was the career defining win that singled the beginning of the end of Bryan’s career.

At this point, I can only hope that the WWE can take the lessons it learned on Bryan, and apply them to Sami Zayn. I want the end of Wrestlemania 35 to be Zayn standing, in the ring, holding the WWE title, as the confetti falls all around him.

→ Daniel Bryan Has Officially Been Pulled From Extreme Rules And It’s Time To Get Worried

This is so sad. I want to just curl up in a ball and watch Wrestlemania XXX, over and over again.

→ Rumors that Daniel Bryan To Miss Next Two WWE PPVs Due To Injuries

This PPV will have no AJ, no Paige, and no Daniel Bryan. This makes me sad.

→ Daniel Bryan May Have Been Pulled From In-Ring Action Because Of A Concussion

I, obviously, don’t want Daniel Bryan hurt, but I’d much rather he have a concussion than “no neck bones.”

→ The WrestleMania 31 Main Event Has Changed Again And Is Definitely 100% Confirmed, Maybe

What a disaster. The build up to “WWE Fastlane!”TM isn’t really helping, either.

→ Daniel Bryan will not Require a Second Neck Surgery

Yes! Yes! Yes!1

  1. Okay, he will require an elbow surgery, but that is better than a neck surgery.