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→ Jena Malone Rumored to be Barbara Gordon in Batman v. Superman

Interesting. I think I would have rather see her get introduced in her own film, but it looks like DC might be throwing everything in Batman v. Superman.

→ SDCC ’15: New Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer

Cool trailer, I guess. I’m still not sure I like the overall tone of the DC Comics movies, but I’m trying to stay optimistic.

→ Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser Trailer

Why so serious?

→ Official Batmobile Photo Released

I am not particularly hopeful that this movie will be any good, but this batmobile looks pretty cool.

→ Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman In Batman Vs Superman

I think I am okay with this. I feel like Gadot might be on the small side for Wonder Woman, but there is nothing to say that will not change by the time the movie starts filming.