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→ Mike Maihack’s Take on the New Batgirl

The master of adorable Batgirl comics puts his spin on the new Batgirl.1

  1. SPOILER: It’s awesome. 

→ I wish Mike Maihack had a full-length Batgirl and Supergirl Comic

His one page ones are always so great.

→ Mike Maihack’s Batgirl vs Harley Quinn

Speaking of great art, here’s Mike Maihack’s Batgirl v. Harley Quinn.1

  1. Though, if I commissioned it, I would want Harley to get the upper hand. 

→ Mike Maihack shows off another Batgirl Supergirl Commission

I really wish he would get a monthly book.

→ Mike Maihack Opens His Commissions List

I have a feeling he will have to close the list due to overwhelming demand before too long. In other words, pull the trigger now if you want one1

  1. And, honestly, why wouldn’t you?