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→ Jason Horn’s Lego Batgirl

Jason Horn is one of the nicest guys I have ever met at a comic convention, and Elyssa and I have some of his work hanging on our wall. I also strongly suggest you check out his Ninjasaur online comic.

→ Mike Maihack’s Take on the New Batgirl

The master of adorable Batgirl comics puts his spin on the new Batgirl.1

  1. SPOILER: It’s awesome. 

→ Chris Samnee’s take on the new Batgirl

Unsurprisingly, it looks awesome.

→ Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletch, and Babs Tarr take over Batgirl

Elyssa and I met Babs while were were at HeroesCon, and she could not have been nicer. We are really looking forward to what she is going to do on this book.

→ DC Comics Put Gail Simone Back On Batgirl

Great news. I was seriously bummed when it looked like she was leaving.