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→ Gail Simone And Cat Staggs Launch Crosswind #ImageExpo

And a new “crime fantasy” from Gail Simone? Some big news coming of ImageExpo today.

→ Nicola Scott And Greg Rucka’s Black Magick #ImageExpo – With 2 Issues In The Can!

A Greg Rucka book with Nicola Scott on art? Yes. Yes. 100 times, yes.

→ Brian K Vaughan And Cliff Chiang’s Paper Girls Announced At Image Expo

A book from Brian K. Vaughan AND Cliff Chiang. Sign me up.

→ A Great Way to Sample some Awesome Digital Comics Outside of Comixology

Take a look at the great books that are being offered as part of this Humble Bundle. If you pay $15, you can get the first volume of 8 of the best comic series available1 It’s a great way to start building digital comics buying habits outside of Comixology.2

  1. As well as volume 20 of The Walking Dead

  2. If, that is something you want to do. 

→ Comic Book Resources Reviews Brubaker’s Velvet #1

Brubaker doing a noir-ish thriller is exactly what I want from my comic books. I hope this is great.

→ Five Image Comics Debut In October

I am really looking forward to October.

→ Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting Re-Team for Image Comics’ “Velvet”

Centering on the mysterious Velvet Templeton, a seemingly mild-mannered secretary who harbors an intense, espionage-laden past, Velvet sees longtime Captain America collaborators Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting reuniting for another tale of international intrigue, murder and over the top action. With eye-popping colors from Fatale’s Bettie Breitweiser, these exclusive Velvet preview pages give us a taste of the explosive, high octane mystery that is about to unfold.

I have a feeling that this is going to be awesome.

→ Image Comics launches a new Website, with DRM-Free Digital Comics

Speaking of things I did not see coming. Major props to Image Comics for going DRM-free on its digital comics. A huge move, and one I hope other publishers follow.