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→ Chapel Hill Tom and Chee, and Raleigh Tyler’s Taproom close

Major bummer. I liked both of these places.

→ This friendship is magic

I can’t believe Sasha will not be on the PPV tonight.

→ Getting an App Store Refund

I’m glad they ended up making this easier.

→ KATNISS vs HERMIONE: Princess Rap Battle (Molly C. Quinn & Whitney Avalon)

In case you woke up this morning and thoughts “I wish Katniss and Hermione had a rap battle”…

→ Joe Posnanski’s Take on Big Papi’s Hall of Fame Chances

David Ortiz’s full Hall of Fame case is nuanced. His career numbers fall somewhere between Fred McGriff and Frank Thomas, which puts him right on the border. His extra-base hits total is massive — some of that is Fenway Park. His postseason heroics boost him considerably. His failed drug test will be considered. And yes, he spent almost his entire career at DH. I think you have to throw all of that into a tumbler, shake it up and roll it out. I vote for him.

Sounds about right to me.

Big Papi to Retire at the End of the Season

Though there were rumors yesterday, David Ortiz made the official announcement today:

Here are some of the articles trying to put Papi’s careeer into context:

→ Rdio shutting down, and Pandora will buy its technology

This is a bummer. I really liked Rdio, but Spotify ended up interacting directly with apps like RunKeeper that I use all the time, so I switched. I imagine Apple Music helped speed Rdio’s collapse.

→ Agent Carter Season to Premiere on January 5

I’m looking forward to this.

→ Clemson coach promises pizza for 80,000 fans if Tigers make playoff

I hope Dabo has to make good on this.

→ Dabo Swinney helps Clemson break ground on $55 million facility

Improvements like this are what helps keep the program strong in future years.

→ No. 1 Clemson defeats Florida State 23-13 to earn ACC Atlantic title

After Clemson’s win against Syracuse yesterday, they have 3 more games to win in order to get into the playoff. One of them is against in-state rival South Carolina (always tough) and one of them is against UNC (which is crazy hot right now). I’m not feeling optimistic about Clemson’s changes to go undefeated.

→ Rumor: Undertaker vs. John Cena Is Your Probable WrestleMania 32 Main Event

The only thing that would get me excited about this match is a John Cena heel turn.

→ Clemson avoids NC State’s upset bid behind 6 TDs from Deshaun Watson

I didn’t see any of this (I was busy shooting a wedding for Kivus & Camera), but the “reviews” seemed to be mixed. Some people say it’s a positive sign that Clemson could win when they didn’t play that well, but others say it just proves that Clemson’s not very good. I guess we’ll find out next week.

→ Sailor Moon with Boss a.k.a. Sasha Banks on Xaxier Woods’ UpUpDwnDwn

If you didn’t already love Sasha Banks, listen to her matter-of-factly explain how she started attending online school so she could stay at home to help raise her brother while her mother worked. Sasha Banks is THE BEST.

→ Colts Violate Integrity of the Game in a Way that Bill Belichick Would Never Dream: The Injury Report

The Colts are a joke. I don’t care what the NFL does with this (mostly because that would involve Goodell making a decent decision), but just having this is the public eye is fantastic.