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→ Clemson QB Tajh Boyd leaves game with injury

I, admittedly, held my breath on this one for a little bit, especially after the Aaron Rodger injury.

→ Anna Gunn Cast as the Female Lead In the American Version of ‘Broadchurch’, FOX’s ‘Gracepoint.”

It is going to be weird seeing Tennant play the same character1 he played in the British version, but this article makes is seem like the show’s plot will also closely parallel the British version. I do hope they change the killer, though.

  1. With an American accent. 

→ Clemson-South Carolina set for 7 p.m. showdown

Get your popcorn ready.

→ “The Flash” Gets Standalone Pilot instead of a Backdoor One In “Arrow”

Good news for further development in the DC Comics universe.

→ The Voice of Batman versus the Voice of Superman

I finally got around to watching the episode of Tim Daly’s web series that guest starred Kevin Conroy. It was more amazing than I could have hoped.

→ New Technical Difficulties Podcast Makes Listening Easy

You can tell this website was made by knowledgable geeks:

SoundCloud provides one of the best inline players around. It can play in the background on iOS and doesn’t require flash. But it stinks with HuffDuffer. If that’s your thing, then you can use the regular link on the same page. It uses our current CDN, Buzzsprout.

I wish more shows would make their episodes so easy to use with HuffDuffer. That would make my listening experience so much nicer.

→ James Bond May Face Blofeld and SPECTRE on Film Once More

You press “L” Mr. Bond, the word “Lobby” begins with “L”.

→ Here’s A Compilation Of Kevin Love’s Outlet Passes So Far This Season

If you're a true basketball junkie, you'll over this.

→ Batkid Saves Gotham!

This was such a touching story. I hope they sell video of the whole day and give the proceeds to Make-A-Wish.

→ First ‘Divergent’ Trailer Dives Into Dangerous Secrets, World of the Dauntless

Welcome to Dauntless.

→ Theme Park Tourist Lists Its The Top 10 Dark Rides in the World

It is sad that nothing at Magic Kingdom makes this list. I am not saying anything deserved to be on it, but I wish there was something I could at least argue belonged on it.

→ Why Feed Readers Need to Identify Their User Agent

Alex Knight explains how Feedly has ignored the requests of content publishers by refusing to identify the number of subscribers for a given feed:

Feedly is an extremely popular news reader service. They claim to have 12 million users, so they are by far the biggest concern to us at the moment. Since they aren’t reporting their user agent, this makes it extremely difficult for content producers to tell if anyone is checking out what they do. We have made numerous attempts to contact Feedly via email and on Twitter (see our tweets here and here), however, they have yet to provide any promising information about if and when they will start providing this data. In September Feedly released an API, which we dutifully did all of the integration on day one with their provided sandbox access. We are now into November, and they still refuse to give us access to their production API. Meanwhile we don’t have access to anything and they make money out of your content.

That is just unacceptable for a company in the RSS space. Shame on Feedly.

→ Drew Goddard To Write Daredevil Netflix Series

One of the minds behind the excellent Angel series sounds like a great choice to do Daredevil. I am already looking forward to it.

→ Debugging

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

I love it.

→ Teaser Trailer for Maleficent Released

As I learn more / see more about this movie, the more I think it is going to be really good.

→ ‘One Day at Fenway’: Watch the short film chronicling Game 6 of the World Series

Speaking of remembering the World Series, this short video of what happened before and after Game 6 is definitely worth a watch.

→ The Top 5 Moments of the 2013 Red Sox Postseason

Going back over these makes me so happy. I think my favorite might be Victorino’s grand slam in the ALCS. So much energy and emotion.

→ Touring Plans Recommends Low Cost Restaurants Near Disney World

One of the reason I stay off-site is because of the major cost savings I can get on food. I plan on checking out a couple of these places to see if they deserve a spot in my regular rotation.

→ Keith Hennessey explains how President Obama made another unforced error

Coming off his interview with Chuck Todd in which he said “We’re — we’re looking at — a range of options:”

The problem with the President’s public statement is that he has now frozen the individual insurance market in place until he announces his new solutions. If you are one of the 8-10 million Americans with a canceled insurance policy, President Obama just created an enormous incentive for you to hold off on buying a new policy, to wait for the Administration to offer you a new solution.

Shocking. What a surprise that President Obama said something that turned out to not have a ton of thought behind it.

→ Rush the Court Previews the Tar Heels

Lathan Wells does the honors:

The upside for this team is very high, especially if the starters gain confidence with even one win against any of the three marquee teams they meet prior to conference play. If James and Johnson improve significantly from year one to two and Meeks and Hicks are as good as advertised, the team can move back to playing McAdoo at his preferred power forward position and Hairston (when he returns) can once again roam the wing. Paige’s development, and Britt’s ability to get up to speed quickly, will also be paramount. This is a team with the talent to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, but with enough question marks about players’ development from last season that they could also be looking at another second round or Sweet Sixteen exit.

It should be a really interesting year for the Tar Heels. I normally am really optimistic on teams with good coaches who have a “high upside.” I think Carolina fits the bill, and, assuming P.J. Hairston is not out long, they could be playing long into the tournament.