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→ Debugging

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

I love it.

→ Pick Your Programming Language

A handy little chart to help you pick what programming language you want to learn.

(h/t Gabe at MacDrifter)

→ Brown University Opening an Upper Level Computer Science Course to the Public

We will be making this course, Brown’s upper-level programming languages offering, available for free on the Web. People anywhere are welcome to view the lectures, read the materials, and do the assignments.

The on-line version does not offer credit from Brown; but those who successfully complete it can get recognition of this directly from the instructor. In particular, because we anticipate some people following the course will be busy professionals, we will offer three levels of recognition:

I am really tempted to do this. I probably do not have time to pull it off, but I am really tempted.

(via Michael Tsai)

→ MacDrifter on Text Editors

Gabe from MacDrifter lists a number of good resources for both BBEdit and Sublime Text.

I moved from TextMate to BBEdit when I upgraded my Macbook and was learning Ruby. Some of these links would have been helpful during that.