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→ James Bond will return in ‘Spectre’

After not being excited with the first two Daniel Craig James Bond films, I really like how they set things up in the last one. It seems like that setup might pay off.

→ James Bond May Face Blofeld and SPECTRE on Film Once More

You press “L” Mr. Bond, the word “Lobby” begins with “L”.

→ Ian Fleming’s James Bond Books for Kindle are $1.99 Each for the Next Week

The steps to redeem are a little complicated1, but you end up saving $6 per book on Ian Fleming’s Bond titles. Not too shabby.2

  1. Including the whole “you will not see the reduced priced until your purchase has been completed” warning 

  2. I do not think the link I posted is any kind of affiliate link, but I can never be sure. 

→ James Bond is a Time Lord

I concur.

→ Idris Elba as the Next James Bond?

Please make this happen.