Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson launching a new show!

I enjoy Tom and Scott’s work, but I have fallen behind on their stuff. I feel like this new show will be a good place to jump back in.

Software Technology

New Technical Difficulties Podcast Makes Listening Easy

You can tell this website was made by knowledgable geeks:

> SoundCloud provides one of the best inline players around. It can play in the background on iOS and doesn’t require flash. But it stinks with HuffDuffer. If that’s your thing, then you can use the regular link on the same page. It uses our current CDN, Buzzsprout.

I wish more shows would make their episodes so easy to use with HuffDuffer. That would make my listening experience so much nicer.

Culture Technology

Instacast for Mac now Available in the Mac App Store

My favorite Mac podcast app, *Instacast*, is [now available in the Mac Appstore]([^f5317]. If you are someone who has avoided buying it simply because you prefer Mac App Store versions, now is your chance to pick it up.

[^f5317]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link.)


Chris Gonzales on moving from Instacast to Pocket Casts 4

Chris Gonzales has moved from Instacast1 toPocket Casts 4. I have heard good things about Pocket Casts, but I find this paragraph interesting:

The only issue I've come across with this sync service so far is that episode playback position doesn't reliably transfer between my iPhone and iPad. I'd like to say that I can pause an episode on one device and pick it back up on the other, but that hasn't been my experience so far. The second device acts as if the episode hasn't been played at all.

That seems like a big issue to me. I use Instacast on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and I rarely have any issues with sync.2 I cannot imagine moving to a podcasting ecosystem that: (1) has no Mac app, and (2) does not have reliable syncing. That sounds terrible.

  1. Affiliate Link (as are all product links in this post.) 

  2. This has not always been the case. Instacast's sync used to be somewhat hit and miss. Over time, however, it has become quite reliable for me. 

Apps Internet Technology

Instacast Cloud Sync Outage

> Yesterday evening (european time) something happened with Instacast Cloud’s sync server that made it completely inaccessible. After a failed attempt to restore from a recent backup, we contacted Host Europe, our provider, and escalated the issue. However, Host Europe’s personnel were not able to restore from the corrupt backup either, and they told us that all data on the server is GONE (yikes!). This, as you can imagine, is the worst possible scenario that could happen to Instacast Cloud. Backups are there for a reason, and if a backup system fails, and also fails to report that it failed, there is no chance of a quick recovery.

They had to re-setup the server from scratch, however, none of your sync information should be lost. Based on my minimal trials this morning, it appears that everything is working again.

Apps Technology

Macro Arment announces his new podcasting app Overcast

Here are some notes that Marco included with the announcement:

Overcast 1.0 will be an iPhone app. I plan to get iPad support done relatively soon, but probably not for 1.0. I may never do a Mac app — that’s still up in the air, but definitely not for 1.0. And I have no plans to support Android — if you want an Android app, I hear Pocket Casts blows away everything else available, and they’re nice guys.

I have no plans to support video podcasts. That’s an entirely different medium with very different consumption habits, priorities, and needs. I can make a better app for audio podcasts by not supporting video at all.

I don’t plan to support streaming in 1.0, and may never add it. Overcast 1.0 will only play downloaded files. iOS 7’s background downloads, faster cellular networks, and larger-capacity phones have greatly reduced the need for streaming, and by not supporting it, I’m able to add some cool features and simplify a lot of the code and interface.

I give credit to Marco for determining what he thinks is the best solution for a podcasting app. Personally, I need a lot more from my podcasting applications than Marco is going to give initially,1 but Overcast might be a good fit for some people.

Relatedly, David Smith of Feed Wrangler just released a new podcatcher called Pod Wrangler which seems to have a similar approach to Overcast.2 If you are looking for a new podcatcher while Overcast is developed, it might be worth it to give Pod Wrangler a shot.3

  1. As I have stated many times, I am firmly entrenched in the Instacast ecosystem.  

  2. i.e. Fast syncing, no frills, reliable background dowloading, first version iPhone only, etc… 

  3. Federico Viticci wrote a review of PodWrangler over at MacStories if you want more information. 


Quick Tips for Instacast 4 – Vemedio

Some cool tips for the new version of [Instacast 4]([^fn1]. My personal favorite:

> With Instacast 4 you can now import individual episodes from the directory without subscribing the whole podcast. To do that, load the directory preview of the podcast, scroll down and tap on a particular episode. Next, choose “Import” from the action menu. Individual episodes get imported into a list called “Imported Episodes”.

Also, background downloading of podcast episodes is amazing. I am not sure how I lived without this feature before.

[^fn1]: Affiliate Link

Apps Technology

Federico Viticci reviews Pocket Casts 4 for iOS 7

Pocket Casts 4 is a great podcast client for iOS 7. The push notification and sync systems are reliable, and automatic downloads finally make for an invisible download experience that happens behind the scenes and you don’t have to think about. I found filter management to be simpler and yet more powerful than other alternatives on iOS, and, especially on the iPhone, the app takes advantage of the iOS 7 aesthetic while still adding great custom details and animations. There is some roughness and a few minor bugs, particularly on the iPad, and I hope that Shifty Jelly will quickly iterate on those aspects (hopefully with some help from Apple with fixes to the iOS 7 code; please note that the app has been reviewed under the iOS 7 GM seed).

Pocket Casts sounds like a really solid iOS podcatcher, however, I am far too deep into the Instacast ecosystem to consider making a switch.1

  1. Of course, we still do not know how good the iOS version of Instacast is going to be. I am crossing my fingers that it is a nice upgrade from the current one. 

Apps Culture Technology

Venmedio Announces that Instacast 4 will be a Free Upgrade

I figure that Venmedio wants to avoid the backlash associated with having a paid upgrade, but I am worried this does not bode well for the long-term life of the product.

Disney Entertainment

New Disney Podcast – “Pardon the Pixie Dust”

Cool new show from the [Touring Plans Podcast Network]( that puts a Disney-spin on the PTI formula.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: And yes, I know ESPN is a Disney company.

Disney Entertainment

DisAfter Dark Episode 41 featuring Jim Hill

In case you’re like me, and try to listen to everything that Jim Hill is on.


Patrick Rhone on HuffDuffer

Not enough people talk about what a great service [HuffDuffer]( is. So, when someone does, I like to give it a link.

Disney Entertainment

Best Disney Podcasts – Revisited

A few months ago, I shared a [list of what I felt were the best Disney-related podcasts]( Since that time, the rise of Disney-related podcast networks has greatly altered the Disney podcasting landscape,[^fn1] and has exposed me to a ton of new Disney-related podcast content. After sifting through these new offerings, I feel that my previous Disney podcast recommendations are out of date. Here is my updated list:

## Favorite Disney Podcast

* [Mighty Men of Mouse]([^fn2] – Mighty Men of Mouse is the podcast I wish I had thought of.[^fn3] It combines Disney, Sabermetrics[^fn4], pop culture references[^fn5], and a good bit of humor into a show that I absolutely love. After hearing the show’s *TPPN* version, I went back to dig through the show’s archives over at [](,[^fn6] and, if you enjoy what your hear in the Touring Plans feed, I encourage you do the same.[^fn7]

## Podcast Most Frequently Listened to within an Hour of Its Release

* [WDW Today]( – In my [previous write-up](, I listed *WDW Today* in the “Other Disney Podcasts I Sometimes Listen To” category. I said that I only listened to the topics I was interested in and that I skipped the user mail episodes. Now, a few months later, I listen to every show, frequently with the breakfast on the morning it is released.[^fn8] Matt, Len, Mike and Mike cover Disney using some of the same time-value analysis that I enjoy so much with *Mighty Men of Mouse*,[^fn9] but also talk from–what sounds like–frequent visits to the parks. My only complaint is that the 30-minutes-or-less episode length usually leaves me wishing the show went longer.[^fn10]

## Most In-Depth Disney Podcast

* [WDW Radio]( – [Previously](, I named *WDW Radio* the “Best Overall Disney Podcast.” Though I still thinking highly of the Lou Mongello hosted show, both *Mighty Men of Mouse* and *WDW Today* has passed it in my Disney-podcast priority queue. The show is still well-produced, but, as I have listened to more and more episodes, I no longer think of it as “well-structured.”[^fn11] I still enjoy the episodes that feature Disney-historian [Jim Korkis](, but I sometimes let episodes like [Top Ways to enjoy Disney on the water]( sit in my listening queue without being able to motivate myself to play them.

## Disney News Podcast For Cynics

* [Wakefield Report]( – This show, hosted by Chris Wakefield[^fn12], operates under the premise that Disney fans suffer from some kind of “pixie dust addiction” that clouds their eyes about what is really happening at Disney World.[^fn13] Admittedly, the shtick can get a little over the top, but it works for the most part.[^fn14] Though I do not always agree with Chris’ takes, it is interesting to hear someone who breaks from the standard buzz that surrounds many Disney stories.

## Best Insights from Disney Travel Agents

* [3 Moms and the Mouse]( – If you listen to any Disney podcasts, you almost certainly have heard mention of Disney travel agents.[^fn15] *3 Moms and the Mouse*[^fn16] gives you a little more insight into that world, and provides you with useful tips related to planning and booking your travel. Though it may not be for everyone, I definitely recommend this show for those people who are the de facto “travel agent” for their family’s Disney trips.

## Podcast Most Likely to Feature Jim Hill

* [The Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish with Jim Hill]() – Two things about Jim Hills: (1) He is a frequent guest on podcasts,[^fn17], and (2) I will listen to any show he is on.[^fn18] Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoy *Disney Dish*.[^fn19] It combines some current news, speculation, and a good dose of Disney history[^fn20], with someone who is in the running for “living person with the most comprehensive knowledge of Disney and its history.”

## Best History-of-Disney Podcast

* [WEDWay Radio]( – I just recently stumbled across this long running Disney-history podcast. Hosted by two brothers, Nate and Matt, it features the kind of in-depth Disney history that I love, delivered on a weekly basis.[^fn21]

## Disney Podcast Most Likely to Jump into Heavy Rotation

* [Be Our Guest]([^fn22] – I recently took another look at the *Be Our Guest* podcast, and–unlike the previous time I reviewed it–I found that it has a number of shows that I want to listen to. Originally, I was a little apprehensive about so many guest, trip-report-type, callers, but I have found that host Mike Rahlmann does a good job picking guests and moving the conversation along. I have a feeling that once I catch up on some of the archives on the other shows, [^fn23] I will starting listening to *Be Our Guest* a lot more.

## Other Disney Podcasts I Sometimes Listen To[^fn24]

* [DisAfterDark]( – This show got a bit of demotion after I started listening to *Mighty Men of Mouse.* It features similar kind of humor and dynamic, but I found that the analysis is not quite up to the level of that on *Mighty Men.*[^fn25]

* [DisUnplugged]( – A *very* comprehensive Disney podcast that I simply do not have room for in my regular rotation.[^fn26] If there is a particular segment that contains information I have not heard somewhere, then I will listen to that one segment.

* [The Mickey Miles Podcast]( – This podcast by Mike Scopa [^fn27] and Michelle Scribner-MacLean focuses on information for people running Disney races. As someone who is running such a race next year, I have recently started listening. I already have picked up a few tips that should make my [runDisney]( experience go a little smoother.

* [Other Shows on the Touring Plans Podcast Network]( – The *TTPN* contains a bunch of different shows. I really like *The Crowd Report,*[^fn28] and I have listened to an episode or two of *WDW Happy Place* and *Capturing the Magic*, but the other shows did not really connect with me.[^fn29]

[^fn1]: Most notably, [The Touring Plans Podcast Network](“*TPPN*”) and the [Micepod]( network.

[^fn2]: As a semi-disclaimer, I am going to be in a fantasy football league with the hosts of this show later this year. I had already started drafting this post when that happened, and it did not impact my decision to name *Mighty Men* as my favorite podcast. Still, I feel that fact deserved a mention.

[^fn3]: *Might Meny* is a part of the [*TPPN*]( In, what I can only assume is an effort to increase their total subscriber numbers, the TPPN only has a single RSS feed for all of their podcasts. That means, if you only want to listen to a few of the shows on the network, you still get all of the other network shows jammed into your podcatcher. For the purposes of this listing, however, I am only going to mention the shows that I actually listen to and enjoy. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure how to best get the individual shows out of the *TPPN* feed.

[^fn4]: If you have seen or read [Moneyball](, then you already know what Sabermetrics are. If you remember hearing about [Nate Silver]( during the previous presidential election, you probably also have a good idea. If you still have no clue what I am talking about, then a good working definition for our purposes is “advanced statistical analysis to determine the value of something.”

[^fn5]: For example, I recently heard a segment where they did impressions of [Mike and the Mad Dog]( while analyzing how far in advance you have to book various ADRs.

[^fn6]: Currently, I have about 15 shows remaining before I have listened to all of *Mighty Men’s* episodes. I am going to be quite bummed out when I have no more unheard episodes left to listen to.

[^fn7]: As a side note, the fact that two of the hosts of this podcast are lawyers makes me wonder: What is it with Disney and attorneys? On the podcast front, there are two hosts from this podcast, and, of course, [Lou Mongello]( On the blogging front there is [Tom Bricker](, and, to a lesser degree, [me]( What is about our lives buried in court and case law that makes us want to ramble on about the magic of Disney?

[^fn8]: I get especially excited when I see an episode drop the night before. I feel like I am getting a nice, surprise gift.

[^fn9]: This frequently comes from co-author of the *Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World*, Len Testa.

[^fn10]: Of course, the shorter show length does mean that I can easily stay up-to-date with the latest episodes.

[^fn11]: For example, there are too many times that I have heard a “Top 10” list start out with a disclaimer that “we are not going to limit this list to 10 things.” Also, some of the “in-restaurant,” restaurant review episodes can ramble on a bit (*see, e.g.,* [Whispering Canyon](; [Via Napol](

[^fn12]: Chris also hosts the Universal NOW! podcast on the *TPPN*. If I had to put Universal Now! into one of the categories in this post, I would list it in the “Podcasts I sometimes listen to” category. Personally, I just do not have the same level of interest in Universal Studios as I do in Disney World, and I quickly lose interest during an hour long show about it.

[^fn13]: It is similar to what people say about purchasers of Apple products.

[^fn14]: On the other hand, the show’s format could probably use a little tweaking. For example, Chris used to spend the first 10 minutes plugging his various social media accounts, etc… before getting into the real meat of his show: The “Nine News Nuggets.” Generally, this meant I would just skip the first 10 minutes of every show. Recently, he has experimented with reading forum posts from the Micechat forums and responding on air. Again, this is something I just skip through. Personally, I think he would be better served by further developing the stories he does in the “Nine New Nuggets” and simply making that his weekly show. He could possibly do a one-off interview show here and there, or some other special show, but I think concentrating on his takes of the news each week would make the show a better listen.

[^fn15]: For example, [Mouse Fan Travel]( seems to be a sponsor on a number of the major shows.

[^fn16]: One admission concerning this podcast: Due to the casual pacing of the conversation, I listen to it at 1.5x speed.

[^fn17]: *See, e.g., [Universal Now appearance 1](, [Univeral Now appearance 2](, [DisAfterDark appearance 1](, [DisAfter Dark appearance 2](, and the [podcast reference page]( on his website.

[^fn18]: In fact, his column is the only reason I ever would even consider reading anything on the [Huffington Post](

[^fn19]: Though this podcast is technically part of the Touring Plans Podcast Network, I have found that, unlike all of the other network shows, the [original feed]( for the *Disney Dish* is still functioning (and even releases the episodes a few days earlier than the [*TPPN* feed]( I have no idea if the gang at Touring Plans is going to keep that going.

[^fn20]: If you like what you hear in the current episodes, and since so many episodes contain anecdotes from Disney’s history, I would recommend digging into the archives of this show.

[^fn21]: Nate and Matt also host a companion show, [WEDWay Now](, that features (approximately) weekly updates of Disney-related news. I listen to this companion show when I get a chance, but it is not something that I will be digging through the archives of.

[^fn22]: I could have also titled this section “podcasts most hurt by the timing of this article.”

[^fn23]: The *Mighty Men of Mouse* and *WEDWay Radio* archives in particular.

[^fn24]: If you want someone else’s Disney Podcast listings, you can check out Tom Bricker’s list [about half way down his posting about running and fitness](

[^fn25]: Also, they sometimes have *terrible* guests. In fact, my fiancé pretty much refuses to listen to this show after a few of the guests they had were so bad.

[^fn26]: Basically, it has a lot of information that I get from other podcasts that I enjoy listening to. If I only listened to one or two Disney podcasts, the comprehensive nature of this show might be more interesting to me.

[^fn27]: Yes, the same Mike Scopa found on *WDW Today*.

[^fn28]: I listen to every episode, however, the episodes only come out monthly.

[^fn29]: Excluding the shows I have previously mentioned in this post: *Mighty Men of Mouse, Unofficial Dish with Jim Jill,* and *Universal Now*.

Apps Culture Technology

Downcast for Mac Released

Following in the footsteps of [Instacast](*bqlTuiXSo&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&, Downcast has released a [Mac App](*bqlTuiXSo&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&[^f0837]. Also, in celebration of that release, the [Downcast iOS app](*bqlTuiXSo&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826& is on sale.

[^f0837]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link and all app links in this post.)

Apps Entertainment

Instacast for Mac as a Macworld Mac Gem

> On its own, Instacast is a great app that deserves a spot on your Mac if you listen to podcasts. It’s been deliberately designed to provide all the important features you need without overloading you with needless extras. Coupled with its iOS counterparts, however, Instacast is an absolute pleasure to use. The sync feature is powerful and automatic, letting you jump seamlessly between devices, perfectly matching today’s mobile lifestyles.

I completely agree. I am [really happy in the Instacast world](

Apps Culture Technology

Living Comfortably in the Instacast Ecosystem

After a few years of dealing with shortcomings of various iOS podcasting apps, I can now finally say that I am happily living in the Instacast ecosystem.

(Fairly) Reliable Syncing

If iCloud has shown anything, it is that syncing is hard. After fighting with iCloud syncing for approximately a year, Instacast developer Vemido moved to its own syncing solution for Instacast 3 for iOS[1]. This was a great move. The new sync is faster and more reliable than any other alternative I have seen, including iCloud. Though there are occasional hiccups in the sync[2], I rarely run into problems if I consistently use my various devices. Also, as an added major benefit, the new syncing solution does not result in the battery drain that I felt was prevalent among iCloud podcast syncing solutions.

Instacast for Mac

Though syncing across my iPhone and iPad was a huge feature, it was actually the release of Instacast for Mac that really made me love the Instacast ecosystem.

I admit, when I first downloaded the Instacast for Mac, I thought I would have little use for a podcast client on my Mac. I was completely wrong. I use Instacast for Mac all the time. Aside from Instacast for Mac’s ability to easily play all of my favorite podcasts, what really makes it such a major part of my podcast listening and managing experience is its excellent podcast and playlist management features. In Instacast for Mac, you can easily drag and drop individual podcast episodes from your podcast subscriptions into the various playlists that you have created. This is especially helpful for dealing with feeds like Grantland’s Pop Culture podcast, where I only listen to 1 out of the 3 or 4 shows that are put in the feed. Before Instacast for Mac, I would have to notice when the one show I actually like was added to the feed, and then manually add it to the playlist in the iOS app via a playlist’s “Add Episode” menu. Since the “Add Episode” menu is just a chronological list of all episodes in Instacast, it could be quite difficult to find the actual episode that I wanted to add if I did not get it within the first day or so of it being available. Now, I can just go to the specific subscription, drag and drop a particular episode to given playlist, and I’m done.[3] This means that I can easily create small, custom playlists whenever I want, something that is especially useful when long car drives are coming up.

Adding episodes to playlists, however, is only one of the excellent podcast and playlist management features found in Instacast for Mac. Tasks such as re-ordering subscriptions and playlists, renaming playlists, and even subscribing to podcasts, seem much easier on Instacast for Mac than they ever were in the iOS version. Of course, what makes these features so important, is that the results are synced almost instantly to your iOS devices.

One (Minor) Remaining Issue – Feed Refresh

The one minor remaining issue that I have with the current Instacast ecosystem is feed refreshing in the various apps. Currently, the refresh mechanism takes approximately 20–40 seconds for my 73 podcast subscriptions.[4] Though that refresh can be annoying when it forces me to wait for that new episode of a given podcast that I know is available, the bigger problem is that this refresh makes the Instacast iOS app unresponsive for about 10–15 seconds when it occurs. Now, iOS 7 will alleviate some of this hassle, with its new background downloading APIs[5], but I think that does not go far enough. Instead, I hope that Instacast implements a server-side refresh of feeds, similar to the one found in Shifty Jelly’s Pocketcasts. Obviously, if Vemedio had to implement this type of server side processing on its own, it could be a time consuming, labor intensive, and resouce-costly process. Thankfully, David Smith, creator of Feed Wrangler, mentioned in a recent interview on the 15 Minutes with… podcast that he felt Feed Wrangler could be easily integrated into podcasting clients for a feed refreshing back end. I think adding “Feed Wrangler feed refresh” as an option in Instacast could be a major performance and, possibly, usability improvement. [6]


Ultimately, the combination of custom Instacast cloud syncing and the release of Instacast for Mac relieved almost all the issues I previously had with iOS podcasting apps. At this point, I feel that I listen to more podcasts then I ever have before, but I spend much less time managing them. Consequently, I had no problem signing up to become an Instacast member. I really enjoy Instacast’s podcast ecosystem and I want to do what I can to help support Instacast’s ongoing development.

If you are someone who enjoys listening to podcasts on your Mac or iOS device, I highly recommend giving Instacast a try. If you are already an Instacast user, then I suggest that you at least consider becoming an Instacast member to help support a great ecosystem of podcasting apps.

  1. Affiliate Link (as are other App Store links in this post).  ↩

  2. For example, my iPad seems to overwrite the played status of certain podcasts if I have not opened the iPad version of the app in a few days. This normally means I have to "Mark as Played’ an episode or two that I listened to a few days ago, but Instacast now thinks is unplayed. It does not happen all the time, but it happens enough to be noticeable.  ↩

  3. I have to point out that implementation of the drag-and-drop functionality in Instacast is especially awesome. If you are viewing “Subscriptions” in the left panel, but drag a single podcast episode over that panel, the panel automatically switches to “Lists” so you can drop that episode into a playlist. It’s brilliant.  ↩

  4. I have managed to cut down my number of subscriptions substantially, from a high of around 150. Now, instead loading Instacast with any feed I think I may want to listen to, I put a lot of podcast feeds into a Feed Wrangler smartstream. I then use the amazing HuffDuffer to build up a custom feed of just episodes from those shows that I want to listen to and I put that HuffDuffer feed into Instacast.  ↩

  5. At this point, there is no reason for Vemedio to implement one of those geo-fencing hacks like Downcast has. Time would be better served making sure Instacast works with the new background API.  ↩

  6. I can see at least two ways that Instacast could integrate with Feed Wrangler. One, Instacast could have an option where you log into an existing Feed Wrangler account, select a particular smart stream, and that smart stream is your subscription list from that point forward. This could obviously result in some interesting usability issues (e.g. can someone update his or her subscription list from both Feed Wrangler and Instacast?, does the initial smartstream selection replace your existing subscriptions or does merge take place?), but it would allow for people who have a Feed Wrangler subscription to leverage Feed Wrangler in Instacast, while allowing those who do not have a subscription to still use Instacast’s built in RSS refresh functionality. Alternatively, Instacast’s sole method of feed refresh could be offloaded to the Feed Wrangler cloud, no individual user accounts would be required, and Vemedio and David Smith could work on some kind of revenue split for copies of Instacast that are sold. This would probably take more custom integration with Feed Wrangler than the other alternative. Of course, I am probably missing a much better alternative, and I have complete confidence in Vemedio and David Smith to develop an awesome feed refresh solution, should Vemedio choose to go this route.  ↩

Culture Law

Supporting the EFF Against a Patent Troll Attacking Podcasters

Recently, the EFF has launched campaign to stop a patent troll that is coming after podcasters, large and small:

We need your help to save podcasting. EFF is partnering with leading lawyers to bust a key patent being used to threaten podcasters. … [W]e need your help to find prior art and cover the filing fees for a brand new patent busting procedure.

I am joining the likes of Ben Brooks, Marco Arment, David Spark and John Gruber in supporting the EFF’s efforts to fight back.[1] If you are someone who listens to podcasts, I encourage you to do the same.

  1. DISCLAIMER: This post may contain some discussion about legal issues, but (1) it is not legal advice, (2) it does not establish an attorney-client relationship, and (3) it is not advertising for legal services. The full disclaimer can be found on the Disclaimer Page.  ↩


Best Disney Podcasts

*UPDATE: I revisited my [Best Disney Podcast]( listing. You can find the new results, [here](*

On a recent episode of [Unprofessional](, [Amy Jane Gruber]( mentioned that she listens to a Disney-trip planning podcast. Though she [later told me the specific podcast she listens to](, I decided I wanted to see what other options there were in Disney podcasting space[^fn1]. After listening to a bunch of Disney podcasts, here are the results:

## Best Overall Disney Podcast

* [WDW Radio]( – Hosted by Lou Mongello, *WDW Radio* provides a well-produced, well-structured, combination of Disney-related history, news, and information. It quickly became a “can’t miss” podcast for me and I look forward to every episode that comes out.

## Most Entertaining Disney Podcast

* [DisAfterDark]( – A couple of british guys, in a pub, drinking, and talking about all things Disney. It’s entertaining, informative, and hilarious. Also, it gets bonus points since it’s a show that my fiancé likes listening to with me.

## Other Disney Podcasts I Sometimes Listen To[^fn2]

* [WDW Today]( – A panel format podcast that includes quick hits on certain topics and user mail episodes. I listen to those episodes that are on topics I am interested in [^fn3], but I usually skip the user mail episodes.[^fn4]

* [Dis Unplugged]( – Another panel format podcast that seems to cover a whole variety of Disney-related topics. I have found the amount of topics they cover can be overwhelming and I choose to just listen to select episodes and/or episode segments.

[^fn1]: **Bias Alert**: I am a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World in Florida, but I have never been to Disneyland in California. Consequently, I prefer podcasts that are mostly Disney World focused.

[^fn2]: For these podcasts, I subscribe to their respective feeds and then determine, episode by episode, whether I am to listen or not.

[^fn3]: Such as a recent episode on [Disney Spring](

[^fn4]: Again, this is probably my personal bias against user question and answer shows.


70Decibels Joins 5by5

I hope this frees up Myke Hurley to be involved with more shows.

Culture Internet

Filling the Podcast Void

The recent end of two of my favorite podcasts[^fn4] opened up two slots in my “must listen” podcast rotation. After a few weeks listening toh various different shows, I selected three shows to fill the void:

* [Unprofessional]( – Hosted by Lex Friedman and Dave Wiskus, this show features interviews with various [internet famous]( people[^fn1]. The interviews are normally free flowing, and, most importantly, hilarious.

* [The Crossover]( – A new show from Dan Benjamin that features various hosts from other 5by5 shows. The topics so far have been wide ranging and the discussion has been extremely strong. This show is Dan at his best.

* [The Impromptu]( – A weekly roundtable of semi-rotating hosts that discusses technology news and culture. The hosts do an excellent job of turning a critical eye to companies, especially Apple, without falling into the “trolling” that can occur on similar shows.

These podcasts join my existing list of “must listen to” shows:[^fn2]

* [The B&B Podcast](

* [The BS Report](


* [Debug](

* [iFanboy](

* [In Beta](

* [Old Tech News](

* [The Talk Show](

* [The Tony Kornheiser Show]([^fn3]

* [The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast](

[^fn1]: I do not intend “internet famous” to be meant as an insult. I was only trying to describe the class of people that you normally see in “tech podcast”-type interviews.

[^fn2]: There are a lot of other podcasts that I listen to most, if not all, episodes of. The ones listed here, however, are the ones that I listen to *every* episode of.

[^fn3]: *NOTE*: I listen to the ESPN feed, that filters out most of the music and the “Old Guy Radio” segment, since it’s available about 30 minutes after the show ends. The “raw” ESPN 980 feed, that has the complete show, is on a 24 hours delay.

[^fn4]: [Build and Analyze]( and [Hypercritical](