Best Disney Podcasts

*UPDATE: I revisited my [Best Disney Podcast]( listing. You can find the new results, [here](*

On a recent episode of [Unprofessional](, [Amy Jane Gruber]( mentioned that she listens to a Disney-trip planning podcast. Though she [later told me the specific podcast she listens to](, I decided I wanted to see what other options there were in Disney podcasting space[^fn1]. After listening to a bunch of Disney podcasts, here are the results:

## Best Overall Disney Podcast

* [WDW Radio]( – Hosted by Lou Mongello, *WDW Radio* provides a well-produced, well-structured, combination of Disney-related history, news, and information. It quickly became a “can’t miss” podcast for me and I look forward to every episode that comes out.

## Most Entertaining Disney Podcast

* [DisAfterDark]( – A couple of british guys, in a pub, drinking, and talking about all things Disney. It’s entertaining, informative, and hilarious. Also, it gets bonus points since it’s a show that my fiancé likes listening to with me.

## Other Disney Podcasts I Sometimes Listen To[^fn2]

* [WDW Today]( – A panel format podcast that includes quick hits on certain topics and user mail episodes. I listen to those episodes that are on topics I am interested in [^fn3], but I usually skip the user mail episodes.[^fn4]

* [Dis Unplugged]( – Another panel format podcast that seems to cover a whole variety of Disney-related topics. I have found the amount of topics they cover can be overwhelming and I choose to just listen to select episodes and/or episode segments.

[^fn1]: **Bias Alert**: I am a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World in Florida, but I have never been to Disneyland in California. Consequently, I prefer podcasts that are mostly Disney World focused.

[^fn2]: For these podcasts, I subscribe to their respective feeds and then determine, episode by episode, whether I am to listen or not.

[^fn3]: Such as a recent episode on [Disney Spring](

[^fn4]: Again, this is probably my personal bias against user question and answer shows.