Filling the Podcast Void

The recent end of two of my favorite podcasts1 opened up two slots in my “must listen” podcast rotation. After a few weeks listening toh various different shows, I selected three shows to fill the void:

  • Unprofessional – Hosted by Lex Friedman and Dave Wiskus, this show features interviews with various internet famous people2. The interviews are normally free flowing, and, most importantly, hilarious.

  • The Crossover – A new show from Dan Benjamin that features various hosts from other 5by5 shows. The topics so far have been wide ranging and the discussion has been extremely strong. This show is Dan at his best.

  • The Impromptu – A weekly roundtable of semi-rotating hosts that discusses technology news and culture. The hosts do an excellent job of turning a critical eye to companies, especially Apple, without falling into the “trolling” that can occur on similar shows.

These podcasts join my existing list of “must listen to” shows:3

  1. Build and Analyze and Hypercritical 

  2. I do not intend “internet famous” to be meant as an insult. I was only trying to describe the class of people that you normally see in “tech podcast”-type interviews. 

  3. There are a lot of other podcasts that I listen to most, if not all, episodes of. The ones listed here, however, are the ones that I listen to every episode of. 

  4. NOTE: I listen to the ESPN feed, that filters out most of the music and the “Old Guy Radio” segment, since it’s available about 30 minutes after the show ends. The “raw” ESPN 980 feed, that has the complete show, is on a 24 hours delay.