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→ Sweet (a Picture of Sasha Banks and Paige)

This is great. I cannot wait for a long Paige v. Sasha Banks program.

→ Daniel Bryan Has Officially Been Pulled From Extreme Rules And It’s Time To Get Worried

This is so sad. I want to just curl up in a ball and watch Wrestlemania XXX, over and over again.

→ Book Fall Walt Disney World Resort Vacations Now for Free Dine Offer

This has been all over the Internet today. Good luck getting Disney’s website to work while people rush to make their reservations.

→ Final Expedition Everest Challenge Happens May 2 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This could pave the way for a Star Wars-theme race weekend, but I think such a race might still be a couple years out.

→ Leto’s Joker Look In Suicide Squad Revealed By Ayer On Twitter

If this is what the Joker is going to look like, I do not have high hopes for Harley Quinn. sadface emoji.

→ John Farrell calls strike zone ‘horrific’ after Red Sox win

Farrell almost surely will be fined for his comments.

But I assume umpire Dana DeMuth, who was horrific all night, won’t face any repercussions for being terrible.

→ Jim Harbaugh posts ‘invite’ to other coaches to attend camps

This is some A+ level trolling. Well done, Coach.

→ Justice League Unlimited available on Netflix

Justice League Unlimited is one of my all-time, favorite comic-related shows. I am super pumped it’s now available on Netflix. Also available are its pre-cursor show, Justice Leauge and a more recent animated offering from DC, Young Justice.

→ Ric Flair Says Charlotte Could Hang With Ronda Rousey In UFC Fight

I love Charlotte. I think she’s going to be a spectacular WWE wrestler. But beat Rousey in a shoot fight? Nope.

→ Rumors that Daniel Bryan To Miss Next Two WWE PPVs Due To Injuries

This PPV will have no AJ, no Paige, and no Daniel Bryan. This makes me sad.

→ Why action fans loved John Wick (and you should too) | Polygon

If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend taking some time this weekend to watch it.

→ 24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebrations Wait Times

I am still really bummed that Elyssa and I won’t be there for this.

→ Why Brewgaloo is Great for North Carolina

I think Elyssa and I are going to check this out this weekend.

→ The DAREDEVIL Stories You Have to Read

If you enjoyed the television show, and want to read some of the comics, you could do worse than this listing. I especially recommend the Bendis & Maleev stuff.

→ Red Sox DH David Ortiz suspended 1 game for bumping umpire

Sure, if Ortiz touched the umpire, he should be suspended for a game. Tumpane, the umpire who was completely unprofessional and caused the situation, should be suspended for significantly longer.

→ UNC Annonces New Branding Effort

A nice, simple update to one of the best brands in college sports.

→ Daredevil Fight Scenes Ranked

Speaking of Daredevil, review this list and remember how awesome this show is.

→ Daredevil Will Get A Season Two On Netflix With One Major Change

Not a surprise that Daredevil is getting a second season. It is a little bit of a surprise that they couldn’t schedule it so that same showrunner could handle the show.

→ Paula Creamer continues pushing for women’s Masters

Good for Paula. I’m in her camp on this one.

→ Clemson Tigers give glimpse into QB Deshaun Watson’s rehab

This video is intense. It also gives me another opportunity to say that I really hope Watson can stay healthy this year.