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→ NXT Is on Tour for Real, Baybay

I have never been to a live wrestling event, but, if NXT came to North Carolina, I would be all over that.

→ Adobe Releases Lightroom CC

The announcement was just 10 minutes ago, so I have not had a chance to play with it yet. I anticipate I’ll write something more in-depth over at

→ Tar Heel Blog’s Player Review: Justin Jackson

I was really impressed with how Jackson developed over the year. I think he’s doing to do big things next year.

→ Palicki & Blood Reportedly to Star in “Agents of SHIELD” Spinoff

Huh. I have a hard enough time keeping up with one Marvel show on network television. I’m not sure I can handle two.

→ New “Tomorrowland” Featurette Called “Vision of Tomorrow” Features Walt’s Greatest Dream | WDW News Today

I know that I’m a sucker for any clip featuring Walt, but this little video feature really makes me think that I am going to love Tomorrowland.

→ MLB sets attendance record in first two weeks of 2015 season

Baseball is dying.

→ Best Donut Shops in America

Local favorite Monuts made the list (though, I admit, I’m more of a Rise guy).

→ Dear Chip: It’s Time to Trade for Johnny

Come on, Chip. You have to do this.

→ Watch the Wonderful New Trailer For ‘The Little Prince’

It looks like movie based on Elyssa’s favorite book is going to be pretty good.

→ Craft Beer Line-Ups at All 30 MLB Stadiums – Eater

Information for life.

→ OS X Reviewed

It’s a bummer that we have read our last Siracusa review of Mac OS X, but we all thank John for all the work he’s done over the past 15 years.

→ Tar Heel Blog Player Review: Kennedy Meeks

But as strong as his first third of the season was, the final two-thirds of the season was marked by inconsistency and illness. Over the last 25 games, Meeks only posted two more double-doubles (both against NC State) and played 22 minutes or less 10 times. As the season wore on, Meeks seemed to stay on the wrong side of healthy and missed the ACC Tournament opener against Boston College. Despite his weight loss, Meeks seemed to hit a wall for the final 10 games of the year, only scoring in double figures once.

“Inconsistent” is exactly how I would describe Meeks’ play this season. It was a little disappointing, since many people (myself included) thought he was going to have a monster year.

→ This Intense Long Tracking Scene from the New Netflix Original Series ‘Daredevil’ is Simply Mindblowing

If you have been on the fence about watching Daredevil, take a few minutes and watch this scene. It is a signature scene from an excellent show.

→ SATURDAY SIX: The Six Most Unique Dining Experiences at Walt Disney World

TouringPlans blogger Derek Burgan shares 6 “unique” dining experiences at Disney World. It’s a little weird that he goes for a dinner show in his number one spot, but, otherwise, it’s a pretty interesting list. My one critique would be that it should have included some specific recommendations about the various restaurants (e.g., go to Sanaa for a late lunch, go to Sci-Fi Dine-In when it’s offering Star Wars Character meals, etc…)

→ Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser Trailer

Why so serious?

→ UNC 2014-15 Season Highlights Video

If you’re a Carolina fan, you’ve been waiting for this.

→ 8 Things the WWE is Going to Miss about AJ Lee

I wish we could have gotten one last AJ v. Paige match to end AJ’s run.

→ Daniel Bryan May Have Been Pulled From In-Ring Action Because Of A Concussion

I, obviously, don’t want Daniel Bryan hurt, but I’d much rather he have a concussion than “no neck bones.”

→ New Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer


→ A Pre-NXT Sasha Banks Match

Even early in her career, she was still the Bo$$.