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→ Inside the Magic’s 10 Most Popular Disney Videos from 2013

Inside the Magic has posted a listing of their 10 Most Popular Disney Videos from the past year. Some of my favorites include:

  • The Frozen World of Color segment from Disneyland;

  • The Transformers walking around during the Transformers ride opening; and

  • Merida officially becoming a Disney Princess.1

Take some time this New Year’s Eve to watch a couple of these videos remember all the cool things that happened the past year.

  1. Now all we need is for Princess Leia to be get her coronation. 

→ Gabe at MacDrift Takes a Look at Mr. Reader for iPad

In a sponsored post on MacDrifter, Gabe shows the power of my favorite iPad RSS reader, Mr. Reader1.

If you like what you see in Gabe’s post, I also recommend checking out Federico’s tips for creating custom Mr. Reader actions and services.

  1. Affiliate Link 

→ Disney Princess Lego Line Launching on January 1st

These look really cool. I think Rapunzel’s tower is my favorite.

“AppSanta” Provides Discounts on High Quality iOS Apps

Some of the developers behind some of the best apps for iOS have combined forces to bring us AppSanta, a special Christmas sale. Apps included in the sale are:1

  1. All links are affiliate links. 

Some of my Favorite Movies from 2013 are Currently on Sale via iTunes

The World’s End1 is in the running for my favorite movie of 2013, with Star Trek – Into Darkness not far behind.

I was not a huge fan of Man of Steel, but I did enjoy parts of it. Also, it seems like it will be the foundation that the rest of the DC movie universe is built on.

  1. All links are affiliate links. 

→ “Batman,” “Harley Quinn” Take Top Two Slots on November Sales Charts

If it was the original Timm version of Harley, it probably would have been the top spot.

→ FastPass+ Testing For Disney’s Animal Kingdom To Open For Off-Site Guests

This should be interesting. If this goes on through the Christmas week, I would imagine that we have seen the end of “paper” Fastpass at the Animal Kingdom.

→ Memory Maker Launches at Walt Disney World Resort

It costs the same as the “Photopass+” offering that it replaces. On the plus side, it allows unlimited downloads of pictures taken during your trip, instead of the one huge bundle download at the end, like the old offering did.

→ Top Six Character Breakfasts in Walt Disney World

We plan on knocking out a few of these on our honeymoon.

→ Disney expects ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ script to be complete by January

I hear this is one of the reasons for the Star Wars Land delay as well.

→ Trailers for Doctor Who and Sherlock

The BBC has a couple of big weeks coming up.

→ New Trailer for Upcoming Godzilla Movie

Where is a Jaeger when you need one?

→ NFL Player Introduced Himself as “Kraken” from “Hogwarts”

I have watched this video about 30 times, and I still smile every time.

→ For Anyone Who Wants to Write James Rhodes Fanfic

This is awesome. I love people geeking out about things like this.

→ Red Sox willing to discuss extension with Jon Lester

If Lester is willing to take a reasonable offer this off-season1, I say the Red Sox sign him long term this winter.

  1. i.e. less than he would probably get on the open market. 

→ First Trailer for the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending

This looks insane.

→ Duke students can go to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl for free

I wish this would happen for Clemson one year.

→ Easter Eggs in Frozen

I love how much detail Disney puts into its movies. These are great.

→ Jadeveon Clowney got pulled over for doing 110 MPH in a 70 MPH zone

That is still slower than he got into the Clemson backfield.

→ Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson launching a new show!

I enjoy Tom and Scott’s work, but I have fallen behind on their stuff. I feel like this new show will be a good place to jump back in.