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→ Beaches and Cream now accepting ADRs

I know this will be bother some people, but, as someone who will be (hopefully) staying at the Beach Club in a few months, this makes me happy.

→ Rob Gronkowski goes down in a heap and carted off field with leg injury

Ward's low hit is the exact type of hit that offensive players have complained and worried about. Those type of hits might become more prevalent with the emphasis on taking high hits out of the game.

For a “legal” hit, it looked pretty cheap to me. Of course, as long as it was not a concussion, the NFL is pleased.

→ Clemson to face Ohio State in the Orange Bowl

A BCS bowl win would be a pretty nice cap to the season.

→ Disney Gains Rights to Future “Indiana Jones” Movies

We call the dog Indiana.

→ Taylor University students star once again in one of college basketball’s best traditions

This is completely insane.

→ Alex Speier explains the Appeal of the Red Sox Clubhouse

Mike Napoli, who agreed to a two-year, $32 million deal with the Sox on Friday night, ended up representing a similarly striking demonstration of the value of having created an environment where players want to be. The Red Sox managed to retain a middle-of-the-order power hitter on a deal that fits squarely within the team's preferred model of shorter-term contracts for higher salaries. 

According to an industry source, the first baseman had at least one offer of three guaranteed years on the table. He could have made more money than the $32 million where he landed. And at one point on Friday – a head-spinning day of megadeals – the gap between what the Sox offered and what Napoli was sufficient to create some pessimism about the player's return to Boston. 

Both Napoli and Pedrioa want to play for a winning team, and Boston is the best place for them to do that.

→ The other side of the “Rate my App” plea

There has to be a better way to get reviews for apps than those annoying pop-ups.

→ Wrigleyville bar makes distasteful reference to Pearl Harbor on marquee

How could someone think this is a good idea?

→ Full Video of “Let It Go” from Frozen Now Available on Online

Here I stand, and here I stay.

→ Zinburger at SouthPoint in Durham Close to Opening

Their website now says the new location will be open on December 10th.

→ Mr. Reader Updated to Version 3.0

My favorite RSS reader for iPad, Mr. Reader, has just received an iOS 7 update. This means a slick new look and background downloads. It is available in the App Store for $3.991.

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→ ‘The Blacklist’ Renewed For Season 2

This was a no-brainer.

→ Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman In Batman Vs Superman

I think I am okay with this. I feel like Gadot might be on the small side for Wonder Woman, but there is nothing to say that will not change by the time the movie starts filming.

→ Ralph Sevelius Shows Elsa as a Sith

This might be my favorite Sevelius re-imagining yet.

→ Second Trailer for 300: Rise of An Empire

Eva Green makes a pretty stellar action movie villain.