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→ Tons of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass+ Availability for November

I tried this out and was able to book two days that were previously unavailable.

→ FastPass+ Replacements Should Yours Be Canceled

Josh from EasyWDW was some good information as to what the “fall back” Fastpass+ reservations are for certain attractions. This is good information to keep in mind when you’re 60 days out and looking to book.

→ FastPass+ Only Character Meet and Greet Opportunities

I have no problem with the concept of Fastpass+ only Meet and Greets, but I think it’s ridiculous to make them Tier 1 attractions.

UPDATE: Looks like Disney has changed its plans on Fastpass+ only Meet and Greets

→ Summary of Upcoming Fastpass+ Changes

It is almost exactly what was rumored a few weeks ago: You can now use a kiosk to make an additional Fastpass+ reservation after you have used your other three reservations.

I think this is a solid first step, and, hopefully, is just a stop gap until you can use the various MyDisney apps to make the additional selections.

→ How FastPass+ is Affecting Wait Times at Disney World Attractions

Josh from EasyWDW breaks down the numbers:

Overall, FP+ is causing wait times to increase at most secondary attractions, while having a less substantial impact at the most popular attractions with the longest wait times.

That seems about right. People who never would use a Fastpass on a given attraction are now being forced to select 3 attractions a day, causing those extra attractions to get long waits. Hopefully, the next phase of Fastpass+ can help alleviate this problem.

→ Excellent Disney World Cheat Sheets from Easy WDW

I finally got around to checking out the cheat sheets available on [Easy WDW[( They have all been updated to reflect FastPass+, and are packed full of really good information on how to tour the various parks. My only regret with these sheets is that it look me so long to look at them.

→ FastPass+ Testing For Disney’s Animal Kingdom To Open For Off-Site Guests

This should be interesting. If this goes on through the Christmas week, I would imagine that we have seen the end of “paper” Fastpass at the Animal Kingdom.

→ Touring Plans creates a detailed FastPass+ FAQ

An excellent, comprehensive FAQ on what is currently known about Fastpass+.1

  1. That said, I find it hard to believe this whole system will be completely rolled out before the turn of the year. 

→ My MyMagic+ Test Experience

Erin Foster explains her recent experience with MyMagic+ over at It is well worth the read if you are interested in the MyMagic+ and Fastpass+ system. The Q&A at the end of her article is especially helpful. I was particularly interested in this question:

Alan asked if Disney would allow you register for FP+ if you’ve purchased an annual pass online or on the phone, but have not yet activated it. According to cast member RJ, the answer is yes. Every Disney ticket now comes with an ID code, even “Will Call” tickets like an unactivated annual pass. On the My Disney Experience site, in the screen to link tickets to your account, select “Will Call” and take it from there. In the MyMagic help room at Bay Lake, I overheard a guest trying to solve an issue similar to yours. It took a while, but they did resolve the situation. My personal guess is that many guests will have problems with this type of transaction, but once everything is up and running, it will sort itself out.

I hope this have this all ironed out by the beginning of October, so I can take advantage of Fastpass+ over Thanksgiving.