→ My MyMagic+ Test Experience

Erin Foster explains her recent experience with MyMagic+ over at TouringPlans.com. It is well worth the read if you are interested in the MyMagic+ and Fastpass+ system. The Q&A at the end of her article is especially helpful. I was particularly interested in this question:

Alan asked if Disney would allow you register for FP+ if you’ve purchased an annual pass online or on the phone, but have not yet activated it. According to cast member RJ, the answer is yes. Every Disney ticket now comes with an ID code, even “Will Call” tickets like an unactivated annual pass. On the My Disney Experience site, in the screen to link tickets to your account, select “Will Call” and take it from there. In the MyMagic help room at Bay Lake, I overheard a guest trying to solve an issue similar to yours. It took a while, but they did resolve the situation. My personal guess is that many guests will have problems with this type of transaction, but once everything is up and running, it will sort itself out.

I hope this have this all ironed out by the beginning of October, so I can take advantage of Fastpass+ over Thanksgiving.