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→ Construction permits suggest a return of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights for 2015

Phew. I would be really bummed if Elyssa and I didn’t get to run through those during the Wine & Dine.

A Possible 2017 Mighty Men of Mouse Listener Community Disney World Vacation

tl;dr – Fill out this survey if you’re interested in such a vacation:

Anyone who has started following me over the past year knows that I am a meticulous planner, who also has a habit of dreaming amount outrageous ideas that I then try to pull off. Some of these ideas work better than others. I am hoping that this is one of the ones that works.

Over the past year, a number of listeners to the Mighty Men of Mouse podcast have become pretty close “online friends.” We’ve chatted with each other, joked with each other, and even supported each other (if that was ever necessary.) In fact, some in the community have even managed to catch up in person for various meet-ups, on vacations, etc…

So, my latest “big idea” is the following: What if we planned a Mighty Men of Mouse listener community vacation at Walt Disney World in 2017? Honestly, I have no idea if there is any interest in something like this (relatedly, I have no idea if something like this is even feasible.) Therefore, my first step was to create the following survey so people could let me know if they are interested in such an event (as well as when they might be available for such an event to take place.) If it turns out that (1) there is interest, and (2) there seems to be a time of the year where the interested people might be able to go, I’ll contact my Disney travel agent and start to see how we might be able to get a group rate, etc… If there’s not enough interest, well, I’ll put it on my ever growing list of failed experiments.

Again, please feel out the following survey if you’re interested: There’s also a box at the bottom where you can leave additional comments, or you can hit me up on twitter at @kivus.

→ Selfie Sticks To Be Completely Banned from Walt Disney World Theme Parks, Not Just On Theme Park Attractions

Not surprising. This doesn’t really effect me at all, unless they start claiming tripods are “selfie-sticks.”

→ Natty Greene’s closing Raleigh location

Bummer. I like that place.

→ Tom Holland Cast As Spider-Man, Directed By John Watts

Cool. I know nothing about either one of them, though.

→ Agent Carter’s Showrunners, Tara Butters And Michele Fazekas, are the new writers on Captain Marvel

I’ve [already said] that I worry that whomever took over Captain Marvel would have to deal with tons of “Kelly Sue never would have done it that way.” I hope that people, after seeing how amazing Agent Carter was, will give Butters and Fazekas a chance.

→ UNC Announces Roy Williams Contract Extension

Part of me thinks this is a sign that UNC isn’t particularly concerned about the pending NCAA allegations.

→ Tom Brady donated hefty speaking fee to charity

He’s still a cheater!! (Sigh.)

→ Kelly Sue DeConnick Leaves Captain Marvel

There was a gasp in the room when she announced this.

Relatedly, I fear for the person who takes over the book. I think “he / she is no Kelly Sue” will be a common refrain, regardless of how good the book is.

→ Ortiz’s Ejection By Incompetent Umpire Bruce Dreckman

Look how terrible those calls were by Dreckman. He should be fired today for that garbage.

→ Doctor Strange By Jason Aaron And Chris Bachalo To Follow Secret Wars

So there will be at least 1 Marvel title on my pull-list after Secret Wars.

→ Dark Horse Comics Comes To ComiXology!

I’m glad we could end up with one place to organize our digital comics, even if you can’t sync your Dark Horse collection to Comixology just yet.

→ Adorably Fierce Photo of a “Frozen” Girls Softball Team Goes Viral

This is so great.

→ Amazon Updates the Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has updated their Kindle Paperwhite model (the model I have currently) with a higher resolution screen and Amazon’s new “Bookerly” font. As someone who reads on his Kindle almost nightly, I find this to be a really interesting upgrade.1.

  1. The links to the Kindle itself are affiliate links. 

→ Disney files plans to demolish the Walt Disney World Speedway and build expansion to the Magic Kingdom parking lot

Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

→ Red Sox drafted college pitcher hours after first chemo treatment

I’m glad to see my favorite sports team draft someone from my alma mater, but especially glad since it’s such a touching story. I hope Clate’s treatment is a success and he makes a full recovery.

→ Sources: MLB team enlisting potentially revolutionary technology to study pitching

Even with the Red Sox playing horribly, I still enjoy the game of baseball. I especially like stories like this that show how teams are using technology to improve their scouting.

→ Peter Gammons: This isn’t going to end well

But the Red Sox are the team most dazed and confused here on the Ides of June. They have the worst run differential. They are 12th in runs. Their starters’ ERA is the worst in either league. Their defense, especially in left and at third, is in the bottom third of the league.

What a disaster of a season. I really didn’t think this was coming.

→ This Guy Was All Smiles After The Rock Hit His Car Because You Can’t Hate The Rock

With so many cool stories about The Rock, he has to be an awesome guy, right?

→ Disney Moves Forward with ‘Maleficent’ Sequel, Hires Scriptwriter

Wait…they’re making a sequel? I didn’t see this coming.