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→ Tom Brady is innocent

Joe Posnanski bringing the heat:

I think Tom Brady is unequivocally, unambiguously, thoroughly and 100-percent innocent of any and all charges of deflating footballs in a cheating capacity. I don’t think he ever asked anyone to illegally deflate footballs. I don’t think he wanted footballs inflated below NFL standards. I think the whole thing — every last page of the testimony, every last leak to the media, every text made public, every curious statistic like the one showing the Patriots fumbled less than other teams and every blunder Brady made along the way, like his awkward press conference and the destruction of his phone — was a bunch of phony-baloney nonsense that was either directly or indirectly inspired by a made-up NFL witch hunt. I think he’s entirely innocent.

Brady, the NFL, Etc…

The NFL upheld the suspension. Goodell is a joke. Robert Kraft finally really came at the league. Blah, blah, blah. I can’t seem to care anymore. This whole story has been ridiculous from the beginning, and now an incompetent commissioner is ruining the name of one of, if not the, greatest Quarterbacks of all time. At this point, I don’t feel like linking to any more of this garbage.

→ Roger Goodell’s handling of deflate-gate has become three-ring circus

Dan Wetzel has a fabulous column on “DeflateGate”:

One month and Goodell still can’t figure out what to do, which somehow isn’t really all that surprising since if he knew what to do in the first place the entire story would have been snuffed out in a day or so – or however long it took the NFL to figure out it has no idea, let alone any actual proof, that the footballs at the AFC title game were even all that deflated.

It bears repeating there remains no proof the footballs were even significantly deflated in deflate-gate. For all the curiousness and suspicion from having some Foxborough locker room lackey calling himself “The Deflator” and taking the balls into a bathroom just before kickoff, he may not have even deflated anything. That should have been obvious to the NFL within a day of the AFC championship game. You’d think the league would have started there.

You can even believe Brady did it, or at least this was extremely suspicious – as I tend to do – and be appalled at a league office that is willing to suspend him for four games with not just little to no evidence that he did anything but little to no evidence that anything even happened.

As he usually does, Wetzel nails it. I recomend reading the whole thing.

→ Tom Brady Negotiating with Roger Goodell for Settlement

I really hope that Brady sticks to his guns and refuses to accept any suspension at all.

→ Some ‘influential owners’ don’t want Tom Brady’s suspension reduced

Another example of just how stupid this whole thing is. “Influential owners” don’t want Brady’s suspension changed? Really? I cannot wait for this whole fiasco to be over.

→ Roger Goodell says no timeline for Tom Brady decision; what’s the hold up?

Roger Goodell is such a disaster. It’s not a surprise that he’s handling things this way.

→ Tom Brady donated hefty speaking fee to charity

He’s still a cheater!! (Sigh.)

→ NFLPA Moves To Recuse Roger Goodell as Arbitrator in Tom Brady’s Appeal

I was a little bummed that Kraft isn’t going to sue the league, but at least Brady is still fighting.

→ DeflateGate: Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Hires Jeffrey Kessler

Brady isn’t messing around. He got the best guy available to attack this.

→ David Ortiz on NFL’s punishment of Tom Brady: ‘I think it’s ridiculous’

Big Papi on Goodell’s pile of garbage:

And now this Tom Brady thing, I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t know if the commissioner is trying to send a big message. Then to who? To the players? I’m a football fan and when I don’t see Brady on the field I’m going to have questions. And then the answer is he deflated some freaking balls? Prove that. Prove it.

I love Big Papi.

→ Brady’s scarlet letter

Joe Posnanski, great as always:

Tom Brady has been the league’s shining star, the golden boy, a billion-dollar draw. And now, the NFL has stigmatized him forever over a little bit of air in footballs and a refusal to just hand over his texts to a league clearly out to get him.

Maybe you believe Brady deserves that fate, and more, but the callous way the league just stomps on Brady’s name and reputation over deflated footballs should be a bit unnerving. The NFL will cash in on you for as long as they can. And then, like Bruce Springsteen sings, boy you’re on your own.

→ Tom Brady in position to put NFL on defensive over deflate-gate probe

Dan Wetzel on the Wells Report:

It’s not fair to Brady and the Pats, who are put in a hostile place. It’s not fair to the Indianapolis Colts and the rest of the league that deserve a truth that should be accepted.

The release of the evidence acquired, no matter where it pointed, was all that was needed. The public didn’t need Wells to tell them the most plausible scenario. They already knew. They could’ve figured it out based on McNally carrying that bag of footballs into a bathroom that locked.

Yet by having Wells overstep acceptable standards, the strong parts are weakened, the water gets muddied and the entire story gets exhausting.

I am not surprised at all that Dan has the best take on this story.

→ David Ortiz shares the stage with Tom Brady and world championship hardware

Sometimes, I forget just how great it’s been to be a Boston sports fan these past few years.

→ Tom Brady dices up Seahawks for 4 TDs, named Super Bowl MVP

The best quarterback in the history of the NFL.

→ Tom Brady has the Perfect Answer to the Question of When He Will Retire

“When I suck, I’ll retire, but I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.”

So great.

→ Tom Brady-Kenbrell Thompkins TD latest magical moment for Patriots QB

With everything that happen last night in the Red Sox game, I almost forget how amazing Brady’s comeback was. What a day for Boston sports fans.

→ Tom Brady denies NFL Network report on WRs

“Yeah, I don’t know where those, some of those reports come from,” Brady said. “Obviously I have relationships with every guy that I’ve ever played with, certainly guys at the receiver position are some of my best friends and people that I spent the most time and I’m the closest with. But I don’t make any personnel decisions, I don’t — I can’t talk to coach Belichick about bringing players back. I’ve never been able to control personnel decisions, so that’s — I’m a player like everybody else.

I feel like NFL “insider” reporting has been pretty bad this year. That seems especially true when it comes to the Patriots.

→ Peter King’s 3 Question Interview with Tom Brady

As you might expect, Aaron Hernandez was a topic:

TOM BRADY: … I have moved on. I’m focusing on the great teammates I have who are committed to helping us win games. The only thing I care about is winning. Nothing is going to ever get in the way of that goal. I’m just excited to report to camp and see what we can accomplish as a team. The fate of our season will be determined by the players in our locker room—nothing else.

Pretty much what you would expect Brady to say. 1

  1. As a side note, I like this new little feature of Peter King’s newly launched website