Roger Goodell’s handling of deflate-gate has become three-ring circus

Dan Wetzel has a fabulous column on “DeflateGate”:

> One month and Goodell still can’t figure out what to do, which somehow isn’t really all that surprising since if he knew what to do in the first place the entire story would have been snuffed out in a day or so – or however long it took the NFL to figure out it has no idea, let alone any actual proof, that the footballs at the AFC title game were even all that deflated.

> It bears repeating there remains no proof the footballs were even significantly deflated in deflate-gate. For all the curiousness and suspicion from having some Foxborough locker room lackey calling himself “The Deflator” and taking the balls into a bathroom just before kickoff, he may not have even deflated anything. That should have been obvious to the NFL within a day of the AFC championship game. You’d think the league would have started there.

> You can even believe Brady did it, or at least this was extremely suspicious – as I tend to do – and be appalled at a league office that is willing to suspend him for four games with not just little to no evidence that he did anything but little to no evidence that anything even happened.

As he usually does, Wetzel nails it. I recomend [reading the whole thing](*http%3A//