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→ Sources: Darrelle Revis not attending Patriots’ ring ceremony at owner’s home

The guy just oozes classes. He’ll fit in well on the Jets.

→ Clemson’s Adam Smotherman shows what it takes to be a ‘get back’ coach

Clemson seems to be pretty good at this little videos. I wonder if they help at all in recruiting.

→ Andrew Benintendi named Baseball America’s College Player of the Year

Sounds like a decent draft pick by the Sox.

→ Student, Parents Want College To Ban “Sandman,” “Persepolis” And More

People post about these stories a lot when it happens in South Carolina or Texas, but now it’s California’s turn to take some heat for this kind of insanity.

→ Another Research Institute Disproves the Wells Report

Rich Hill writing at Pats Pulpit, about a report issued by AEI that contained the following findings:

1) The intercepted football, thrice measured, implies that the Logo gauge was used, in line with Walt Anderson’s recollection, and any difference in pressure can be explained by ambient temperature changes.

2) The statistical significance between the Patriots and Colts footballs is not because the Patriots were underinflated- they were inflated exactly as expected according to the Ideal Gas Law- but because the Colts were measured above their expected range.

Of course the whole thing can be explained by natural causes. It’s such a disgrace.

→ “Captain America: Civil War” Rumors Tease Comic-Inspired Updates

I guess I always figured that Redwing would be mechanical in the movies, but it’s still kind of a bummer to read it.

→ Zootopia Teaser Trailer

Interesting concept. Disney animation has been on a hot streak recently, so hopefully this just adds to that.

→ First Look: ‘Frozen Ever After’ at Epcot

I know some people think this is a horrible move Epcot, but I think it’s sounds like a really enjoyable attraction.

→ Details for The Edison, coming to Disney Springs

This place has kind of “steampunk”-y vibe that I think looks really cool.

→ If your Mac or iThing runs Yosemite or iOS 8, it can run El Capitan and iOS 9

It’s crazy that Apple keeps updating such old devices. Impressive, but crazy.

→ Possible May 2016 Opening for new Frozen Attraction in Epcot

Unfortunately, if Disney is estimating May 2016 as of today, I would assume we wouldn’t see this attraction open until at least the fall.

→ David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski star in a hilarious Dunkin’ Donuts commercial


→ NFL pressures Tony Romo to cancel fantasy football event in Las Vegas

The NFL is so hypocritical. It makes Romo cancel this performance, while it props up betting sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings. Of course, it’s not surprising that the NFL is doing something ridiculous.

→ 12 Mind-Blowing GIFs from Disneyland’s New “Paint the Night” Parade

I want the cool, glowing Tinker Bell at Disney World.

→ Red Sox break out in style in biggest comeback win of season

This was the kind of offensive outburst that I expected from the Sox all season. I wonder if this was a “turning the corner” moment.

→ Niko Tavernise Uploads Photos from Blockbuster Film Sets… So 500px Accidentally Banned Him

A cute little story, and some really cool photos.

→ Stephen Amell is Quickly Becoming my Favorite Celebrity

He’s going to wrestle Stardust AND wants to sing the National Anthem at a Red Sox game? Awesome. (Yes, I know he’s Canadian, not a Red Sox fan, but still…)

→ Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style: Tinker Bell

Important live information.

→ Rapunzel & Flynn Rider’s adventures continue with Tangled animated series, which debuts on the Disney Channel in 2017

Jim Hill describes the new series:

To be specific, “Tangled” the animated series unfolds as Rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona. Her irrepressible spirit and natural curiosity about the world drives Rapunzel to the realization that there is so much more she needs to learn before she can truly accept her royal destiny. So Rapunzel boldly puts her crown and impending marriage on hold to seek out epic adventures. Much to the dismay of the King who — after missing out on Rapunzel’s youth — must accept that his daughter is now an independent young woman.

Accompanying Rapunzel on her journey will be Eugene (AKA her fiancé Flynn Rider); her plucky chameleon sidekick, Pascal; the no-nonsense horse, Maximus; the Snuggly Duckling Pub Thugs; and newcomer Cassandra, a tough-as-nails handmaiden who becomes Rapunzel’s confidant.

It sounds like this means she’ll have her short hair. It’ll be interesting to see, however, if some Disney magic brings her long her back.

→ Eduardo Rodriguez earning high praise from John Farrell following second dominate start: ‘It’s a special kid’

I think Rodriguez is the single bright spot in the Red Sox season.