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→ Details for The Edison, coming to Disney Springs

This place has kind of “steampunk”-y vibe that I think looks really cool.

→ BREAKING: Hangar in Disney Springs is an Indiana Jones Themed Restaurant, “Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar” Opens This Fall

Indiana Jones themed? Amazing.

→ Review of Amphicar Ride at Disney Springs

I completely understand that the cost of an amphicar ride at Disney Springs is stupid expensive. That said, I really want to do one.

→ The BOATHOUSE Opens Today at Disney Springs

The upscale menu focuses on seafood and steaks, upscale cocktails and a solid wine list. You can get anything from a casual basket of fried clams or big butterflied shrimp to “the best Angus beef burgers in town,” says Chef Bob. (And the fries are hand cut.)

With prices of some of the items on the menu, upscale definitely seems to be the word of the day. Depending on the various reviews, maybe Elyssa and I will give it a shot during one of our trips later this year.

→ Menus and Food Photos for The Boathouse

$115 for a steak for 2? This is not a replacement for Capt. Jack’s.

→ Opening date and amphicar pricing set for The BOATHOUSE at Disney Springs

You don’t get to drive the amphicars yourself? Lame.

→ Opening date and amphicar pricing set for The BOATHOUSE at Disney Springs

Majorly bummed that you don’t get to drive the amphicar yourself.

→ New Menu Items Coming to Downtown Disney Food Trucks

Some of these sounds pretty good. Disney Springs might be a nice place to visit once construction is finally completed.

→ Food Truck Park Opens at the West Side in Disney Springs

It’s an interesting concept, but I wish they would do some kind of rotating schedule of different food trucks.

→ Smoking in Only Designated Areas at Downtown Disney

Long overdue.

→ Big Name Restaurants May Be Headed to Disney Springs

I used to spend 2-3 nights per trip at Downtown Disney. On our upcoming honeymoon, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t stop there at all. I hope the completion of Disney Springs makes it a “must stop” location once again.

→ Disney Springs development to bring massive expansion to Buena Vista Drive

To handle the increased amount of traffic in the area, the road will be expanded to 10 lanes and will be equipped with a dedicated bus lane. Two pedestrian bridges will also be built, allowing easy crossing of Buena Vista Drive.

Even before Disney Springs was announced, this was long overdue.

→ Pleasure Island bypass bridge completed and open to guests

I cannot figure out if this will decrease the time it takes to walk from one end of Downtown Disney to the other or not.

→ Photos of Disney Springs Construction From Above

It looks like there is no trace left of the Comedy Warehouse. I still miss that place.

→ Fit2Run Coming to Downtown Disney

This makes a lot of sense, especially with all of the runDisney events that occur during the year.

Relatedly, I hope that this is the type of store we will be getting in the new Disney Spring.1

  1. i.e., A store with a strong focus and that has a good reputation as being near the top in a particular market segment. 

→ Starbucks heading next to Downtown Disney West Side and Marketplace

Changing over Wetzel’s Pretzels to a Starbucks is a good upgrade in my book.

→ A Closer Look at the Disney Springs Model from the D23 Expo

This looks like it is going to be really cool. I have my fingers crossed it turns out as well as this model makes it look.

→ Tips for Navigating Downtown Disney During Disney Springs Construction

Jeff Kober provides a good tip over at Mouse Planet:

The area north and west of Cirque du Soleil is really the best location to park. There are usually more spaces available there than anywhere else. And since the marina exists close to House of Blues, you can walk from one end to the other, then return using the boat shuttle from the Marketplace marina near the Rainforest Cafe. No matter what time of day, this is probably your best choice when parking at Downtown Disney, and when wanting to walk the length of the experience. 

This will be my plan until construction is completed.1

  1. Unless the boats stop running, of course. 

→ Disney Springs Construction Photo Report

Looking at Joe Hogarty’s ohoto report brings back so many memories. As I have said a bunch of times before, I spent so many great nights at the Comedy Warehouse, that I really sad to see it go. I hope Disney Springs can be at least as strong as the old Pleasure Island was.

→ They have started tearing down the Comedy Warehouse at Downtown Disney

I know this is necessary to start building the new Disney Springs, but it really sad to see the Comedy Warehouse get torn down. I had so many good memories at that place.