→ More Names Announced For New RAW-Exclusive Cruiserweight Division

Pretty impressive list (though Kota Ibushi & Zack Saber J.r are noticeably absent.)

→ Video: Mookie Betts made a ridiculous throw last night

And I thought JBJ was the one with the arm.

→ Import Your Vesper Notes Into Ulysses

I never used Vesper (because it didn’t have sync or a Mac version), but if you did, this is a good way to make the switch.

→ Andrew Benintendi makes sure you’ll know his name after this insane catch

One of the benefits of the Red Sox scuffling this season has been Benintendi getting called up. He’s doing great so far.

→ Clemson QB Deshaun Watson takes out $5 million insurance policy

As he should.

→ Paige — Suspended on Her Birthday For Violating WWE Wellness Policy

I hope Paige comes back from this. I miss her in the title picture.

→ Nikki Bella Cleared by WWE Doctors

Too late for her to replace Eva Marie in the SummerSlam 6 man tag?

→ Golf showed it can deliver Olympic drama in its return to the Games

I like golf. I watch golf. I watched none of this. It just didn’t feel right as an Olypmics sport to me.

→ Jim Lee Dubs Harley Quinn ‘Fourth Pillar’ of DC Comics Line

If this is the case, why have then done so much messing with her character recently?

→ Blake Swihart to undergo season-ending ankle surgery

This is a bummer. On the plus side, maybe he go back to being a catcher when he’s heeled up. I feel like Benintendi might not be giving up left field any time soon.

→ Report: Alabama grants release to Maurice Smith, SEC waiver approval awaits

You know that Saban is pissed about this (because he’s always pissed about something), but Bama finally did the right thing.

→ Harley Quinn’s Greatest Moments from “Batman: The Animated Series”

I’m starting to hear rumblings that they do a really good job with Harley in the Suicide Squad movie. That said, go watch some of the highlights of my Harley.

→ It’s Official: ‘Game of Thrones’ Will End With Season 8

It makes sense to put to rest the rumors that things were going to extend even beyond this.

→ Amazing Sasha Banks GIF

Sasha is so great.

→ Sasha is the champ!

My favorite wrestler is the champion. That’s always fun.

→ Sasha’s reaction to Bayley coming out

Sasha is so happy that Bayley’s there. It’s the best.

→ Sasha Banks and Bayley fight over Shinsuke Nakamura

This photo is the best. I love Sasha.

→ Clemson picked to repeat as ACC champions

No pressure or anything.

→ Report: Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell facing 4-game suspension

That’s not forget that Tom Brady is the only real cheater in the NFL though….

→ Big 12 now says it will immediately consider expansion candidates

And so it begins…again…