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→ Jingle Cruise to return to the Magic Kingdom for the holidays

I’m glad to see this return. In fact, I’d like if more rides got special Christmas makeovers.

→ Star Wars Rebels Release Date Announced

Preview starting September 29th on tablets, with the actual debut on Disney XD on October 3.

→ Ranking the Beer Available at Epcot

Important information from Scott Wurzel over at TouringPlans.

→ Review of the Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy & His Pals at Four Seasons Resort Orlando

Mickey looks adorable in his little sweater vest. Of course, I am not sure I am ever going to want to spend $750 a night for a room at this hotel.

→ Using Google Glass at Walt Disney World

I am not particularly interested in Google Glass, but this article on TouringPlans is kind of interesting. I never really thought about Google Glass would play at Disney World.

→ Thoughts on the newly released ACC Basketball Schedule

Only two ACC teams avoid facing any of the league’s presumed top five teams twice: Florida State and Clemson. Both drew Duke, North Carolina, Louisville, Virginia and Syracuse only once apiece, a notable advantage considering it’s hard to imagine any of those programs being easy to beat this season. Florida State gets improved Miami, mid-tier Pittsburgh, Clemson and Virginia Tech twice next season. Clemson draws Notre Dame, NC State, Georgia Tech and Florida State.

So, at least Clemson has that going for it.

→ NFL wants Super Bowl halftime acts to pay for the privilege of ‘exposure’

(1) I think this is ridiculous.

(2) The NFL better enjoy this while it can, because football as we know it is not long of this world.

→ Reports Dean Ambrose Is ‘Missing’ And ‘Significantly Injured’

This was such a great way to write Ambrose off television while he filmed his movie. I also love the “Ambrose is missing” angle. It is completely in line with his “lunatic fringe” personality.

→ Site preparation underway at Flamingo Crossings for new Marriott hotels

I would be all over a Marriott Springhill Suites just outside the Walt Disney World grounds.

→ Shooting a Chevy Commercial with a Sony A7s

SPOILER: It takes a little more than just an A7s 1.

  1. Affiliate Link. 

→ 101 Dogs Walk the Green Carpet at First-Ever Disney Side Dog’s Day at Magic Kingdom Park

I am not even a huge dog person and I wish that I could have been there for this.

→ Jets release rookie QB Tajh Boyd

Bummer. I like Tajh so much I was even going to cheer for him if he was on the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

→ Rocket Raccoon & Stitch by Billy Martin

This is pretty awesome.

→ Batista Reenacted The Dancing Groot Scene From Guardians Of The Galaxy, And It’s Predictably Delightful

Speaking of Grooting…

→ Casting Change On Arrow As Rila Fukushima Joins The Show as Katana

I was looking forward to seeing Devon Aoki, but I think Rila Fukushimra is going to be just as good in this role.

→ 2014 College Football Week 1 TV Schedule

I am so ready for a full day of college football tomorrow.

→ Laughter has been banned from DC movies

I hope that this rumor about DC movies is simply an off-hand comment getting out of control. I want my superhero movies to have some degree of levity.

→ Shakin the Southland Previews Clemson vs. Georgia Game Preview

I fear their prediction of a Georgia win is going to be correct, but I really hope they are wrong.

→ “Grooting” Has Entered the Lexicon

As it should.

→ Epcot Planning Live Entertainment Changes in September

This is a huge bummer. I loved Off Kilter. I can understand that Disney wants to update its entertainment offerings, but I wish there was some way they could keep Off Kilter playing a few days a week.