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→ Red Sox “more willing” to trade top prospects for an ace

This is no surprise based on Dombrowski’s track record.

→ Red Sox announce hiring of Ruben Amaro Jr. for first base coach

This is just seem so weird.

→ Lucha Underground Season 3 In The Works, Big Influx Of Cash, Space Aliens

This would be awesome.

→ Alberto Del Rio Just Made A Shocking Return To WWE At Hell In A Cell

I didn’t really see this coming (despite some rumors that WWE was looking to bring him back.) Most importnatly, I think I’m fine with him not being on Lucha Underground Season 2.

→ Clemson moves to No. 3 in AP poll

It is a deserved move after their big win, but, hopefully, it doesn’t set them up for disappointment in Raleigh (or when Florida State comes to town).

→ Clemson holds pep rally at home of terminally ill baby

It’s getting a little dusty in here.

→ Time to Catch up on Lucha Underground Season One

If you’re a wrestling fan, you owe it to yourself to catch up on this show.

→ DraftKings, FanDuel barred from advertising during NCAA tournament

It’s still weird to think that NCAA actually got a decision right.

→ Anatomy of a miracle: MSU stuns Michigan with last-second heroics

This was crazy. I still cannot believe it happened.

→ 10 Sasha Banks Theme Remixes, Mashups, And Covers To Get You Through The Rest Of Your Week

Do we really have to wait another month for Sasha to get the title? This is ridiculous.

→ Michigan loses to Michigan State on last second punter fumble (Video)

This was crazy. I can’t think of another game to end like this.

→ Memphis beats Ole Miss 37-24 to move to 6-0

S E C !!! S E C !!!

→ AB InBev/SABMiller agree to key terms of mega deal

That’s one way to try and react to the growing amount of craft beer options.

→ Lucha Underground Producer Reveals What’s In Store For Season 2

Mil Muertes and Catrina taking over the temple and possessing all of the original Aztec gold is obviously a major storyline. Dario Cueto on the run and what that means for the temple and his future makes for a great storyline.

This is going to be so great. I can’t wait for this to start (even if it’s going to be less than the 39 episode Season 1.)

→ GameDay Greatness: Clemson’s tailgate not same without Paw Bearer

Here’s hoping that Jeff can get the “Paw Bearer” fixed up.

→ Rope Drop [dot] Net Interview – Casey Liss

Earlier today, I posted a new Rope Drop [dot] Net interview with Casey Liss. Give it a read.

→ Miller Says Imperator Furiosa May Not Appear In “Fury Road” Sequel

File this one under “dumb ideas.”

→ Daniel Bryan Gives A Big Update On His WWE Future, Talks Trying Lucha Libre If He’s Not Cleared

I’m starting to come to the realization that I might have been my last Daniel Bryan match.

→ Marvel teases Civil War II in retailer mailing


→ You Will Cry While Watching This Moana Casting Announce

I’m even more excited for this movie after watching this clip.