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→ “Suicide Squad’s” Margot Robbie Says She Has to Do ‘Justice’ to Harley Quinn Role

At least Ms. Robbie is saying all the right things.

→ Ten Moments that Mattered: Harley Quinn Comes to Film

I still cannot believe its happening.

→ Gotham Producers Tease Harley Quinn for (Possibly) Next Season

I still refused to believe I’ll ever see Harley Quinn in a movie or on television.1

  1. To be specific, I mean my Harley Quinn, not the New-52 version. 

→ Andy Ihnatko’s Awesome Harley Quinn Cosplayer Photo

Pretty awesome Harley Quinn cosplay from NY Comic-con 2014.

→ BREAKING: Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and more DC movies confirmed

I am not getting my hopes up that they’ll actually do a good job with Harley Quinn.

→ Harley and Ivy  by Bruce Timm

I would be fine if Bruce Timm drew everything.

→ Did Harley Quinn Just Get Added To The “Arrow”-verse?

“I want to manage expectations with respect to Harley Quinn,” Guggenheim told Collider in response to a question about using Batman characters now that “Gotham” has begun production. “She was always intended to be an Easter egg. I don’t want people to go in with incorrect expectations and walk away from Episode 16 disappointed. But there is an element to the Easter egg that was not spoiled by the promo, that I think people will find a lot of fun.”

It was a cool cool to hear Tara Strong’s voice on the show. At this point, I think I would be okay with the Arrow show runners bringing Harley Quinn to the show. At this point, I think that Harley in a show like Arrow is a lot more likely than her showing up in the new Justice League movie universe.

→ Palmiotti Shares the Secrets of “Harley Quinn’s” Success

It should come as no surprise that a comic with Harley Quinn as the lead character would do well. She has a huge fan base, and Palmiotti’s promise to bring her closer to her original roots has made her long term fans extremely excited for the book.

→ “Batman,” “Harley Quinn” Take Top Two Slots on November Sales Charts

If it was the original Timm version of Harley, it probably would have been the top spot.

→ Jimmy Palmiotti Provides Context for the New Harley Quinn Script and Series

Jimmy Palmiotti provides some context on the Harley Quinn script controversy:

I should have put it clearly in the description that it was supposed to be a dream sequence with Amanda and I talking to Harley and giving her a hard time. I should have also mentioned we were thinking a Mad magazine /Looney Tunes approach was what we were looking for. We thought it was obvious with the whale and chicken suit, and so on, but learned it was not.

Script controversy aside, I am glad to hear that Palmiotti and Amanda Connor intend to use the “Looney Tunes”-style Harley again.1

  1. Instead of whatever the heck Harley has been in the New 52 up to this point. 

→ Lea Hernandez Interprets The Harley Quinn Script

Now this is my Harley.

→ Still Unsure What I Think About The New Harley Quinn Series

Jimmy Palmiotti stated that she will break the fourth wall, and will address the shortcomings of the different artists drawing her in her Zero issue, and Amanda Conner for putting her in all the situations, which will incorporate that oh-so-controversial fan tryout page. But that’s issue zero, issue one will take a different tack. Just as insane, but in a different fashion.

I am glad this is only going to take place in the Zero issue.

→ The Ten Worst DC “New 52” Costume Redesigns

Sorry, but Harley Quinn was the worst redesign of the whole thing. Others were bad, yes, but Harley was by far that worst.

→ New Black and White, Bruce Timm, Harley Quinn Statute Coming

Speaking of Ms. Quinn, there is a killer new statute based on her Bruce Timm design that is coming out in 2014.

→ Jimmy Palmiotti on the Upcoming Harley Quinn Series

I will say that the people that have trusted [Amanda Connor and I] in the past with characters like Power Girl will understand that we are approaching Harley with the respect the character deserves, and there will always be an element of fun to the work we do. We are huge fans of what Paul Dini and Bruce Timm created, and hope we can do them proud with this book.

I am giving the book a shot. I hope they do a good job with my favorite comic book character.1

  1. Or, at least, try to pull back some of the horrible things that the New 52 has done to her. 

→ Harley Quinn #0 to be drawn by Darwyn Cooke, Sam Kieth, Paul Pope, and Walt Simonson

Darwyn freakin’ Cooke!?! Drawing Harley!?! Fine. I’m in.

→ Paul Dini on the latest Iteration of Harley Quinn

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Paul Dini1 gives his opinion on the latest iteration of Harley Quinn:

I was very happy that Jimmy [Palmiotti] and Amanda [Conner] are taking her over because I like them as creators, I like them personally and I know they have a lot of affection for Harley. When I saw the new look on her, I was going, “That’s cute! That really works!” That’s not only of the moment, it’s also five minutes from now, because roller derby is really growing across the country. Our producer on the Hulk, Henry Gilroy, is actually the coach of a roller derby team. His girlfriend is a roller derby girl. I think it combines a lot of elements of cosplay and rough and tumble action and empowerment and everything. Harley is a natural fit in there. When I saw the look, I said, “I could see her doing that. That’s a lot of fun.”

Dini is a little more positive than I was.

  1. I doubt I have to mention that Dini is credited with creating Ms. Quinn. 

→ Some News on the Artist on the Upcoming Harley Quinn Title

[Dan] Didio “spoiled” the panel by talking about Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner on Harley Quinn’s upcoming comic, and the premise that artists are going to “audition” for drawing the comic in the hands of Harley Quinn seeking her own title, with Harley’s commentary throughout. Each artist, 18 in total, will be featured on one page as Harley comments and deliberates her choice.

This sounds like something pre-New 52 Harley Quinn would do. Maybe this is a positive sign for the new book.

→ Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti to Launch a New Harley Quinn Monthly

Some excerpts from their interview with Comic Book Resources:1

It was a little daunting, at first. She is a totally beloved character, and you have to show that some respect, all while bringing her into a whole new atmosphere. We have to make her world very believable. We want to make her almost like she’s someone you’ve met before.

It is too bad DC did not do that when they “revamped” Harley during the New 52 reboot.

She is the hero in her own story. What happens, who gets killed, what house gets burned down and so on, well, thats just part of her story. She looks at the world differently and we will be building on that and looking even closer on her past and what makes her tick. There are so many layers to this fantastic character that we cannot wait to explore.

That I can agree with. Of course, up to this point, I do not think she has been written that way in the New 52.

I am trying to incorporate my favorite things about her latest look and her early costume. I was also inspired by some roller derby girls that I met a short time ago. I think that look totally works for Harley. Another thing I try to keep in mind is what would work really well for costumers and cosplayers, and what would be fun for them to create.

I appreciate that Ms. Conner thinks about cosplayers when designing costumes, however, I wish this new costume mirrored Harley’s old costume much more than that abomination she is currently wearing.

The “Suicide Squad” book has Harley spending time with other heroes and bad guys. This book will focus on Harley and her life, where she lives and how she functions, as well as her motivations and solo adventures.

Good. Because, the Suicide Squad stuff has been pretty terrible.

In this series, we are moving Harley out of Gotham to a place that makes sense for her. Gotham will always be a part of her adventures, but we’ve got some madness up our sleeves. The art should give you a small hint.

Arethe words “Coney Island” right there in the image the hint that Mr. Palmiotti is talking about? That might be interesting, but it is weird to think that we will not get to see her bumping into people like Poison Ivy while running around Gotham.

Overall, I am really torn about this book. On one hand, I should be excited that my favorite comic book character is getting her own solo title. On the other hand, the New 52 Harley just is not the Harley Quinn that I know and love. I am willing to give Conner and Palmiotti a chance to try and right the ship, but I do not have confidence that DC Editorial will actually let them. I fear that my Harley is not coming back.2

  1. Important Note: Amanda Conner is not the artist on the book. She and Palmiotti are the co-writers and the artist is yet to be named. 

  2. I would probably be fine with this Harley too. Maybe DC could just make her the new Harley? 

→ Cosplay of the “New” Harley Quinn

I still am not a fan of the “new” Harley Quinn, in either personality or look, but this cosplay by WhiteLemon is as good as you can do with the new look.