→ Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti to Launch a New Harley Quinn Monthly

Some excerpts from their interview with Comic Book Resources:1

It was a little daunting, at first. She is a totally beloved character, and you have to show that some respect, all while bringing her into a whole new atmosphere. We have to make her world very believable. We want to make her almost like she’s someone you’ve met before.

It is too bad DC did not do that when they “revamped” Harley during the New 52 reboot.

She is the hero in her own story. What happens, who gets killed, what house gets burned down and so on, well, thats just part of her story. She looks at the world differently and we will be building on that and looking even closer on her past and what makes her tick. There are so many layers to this fantastic character that we cannot wait to explore.

That I can agree with. Of course, up to this point, I do not think she has been written that way in the New 52.

I am trying to incorporate my favorite things about her latest look and her early costume. I was also inspired by some roller derby girls that I met a short time ago. I think that look totally works for Harley. Another thing I try to keep in mind is what would work really well for costumers and cosplayers, and what would be fun for them to create.

I appreciate that Ms. Conner thinks about cosplayers when designing costumes, however, I wish this new costume mirrored Harley’s old costume much more than that abomination she is currently wearing.

The “Suicide Squad” book has Harley spending time with other heroes and bad guys. This book will focus on Harley and her life, where she lives and how she functions, as well as her motivations and solo adventures.

Good. Because, the Suicide Squad stuff has been pretty terrible.

In this series, we are moving Harley out of Gotham to a place that makes sense for her. Gotham will always be a part of her adventures, but we’ve got some madness up our sleeves. The art should give you a small hint.

Arethe words “Coney Island” right there in the image the hint that Mr. Palmiotti is talking about? That might be interesting, but it is weird to think that we will not get to see her bumping into people like Poison Ivy while running around Gotham.

Overall, I am really torn about this book. On one hand, I should be excited that my favorite comic book character is getting her own solo title. On the other hand, the New 52 Harley just is not the Harley Quinn that I know and love. I am willing to give Conner and Palmiotti a chance to try and right the ship, but I do not have confidence that DC Editorial will actually let them. I fear that my Harley is not coming back.2

  1. Important Note: Amanda Conner is not the artist on the book. She and Palmiotti are the co-writers and the artist is yet to be named. 

  2. I would probably be fine with this Harley too. Maybe DC could just make her the new Harley?