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Paul Dini on the latest Iteration of Harley Quinn

In an interview with *Comic Book Resources*, Paul Dini[^fn1] gives his opinion on the latest iteration of Harley Quinn:

> I was very happy that Jimmy [Palmiotti] and Amanda [Conner] are taking her over because I like them as creators, I like them personally and I know they have a lot of affection for Harley. When I saw the new look on her, I was going, “That’s cute! That really works!” That’s not only of the moment, it’s also five minutes from now, because roller derby is really growing across the country. Our producer on the Hulk, Henry Gilroy, is actually the coach of a roller derby team. His girlfriend is a roller derby girl. I think it combines a lot of elements of cosplay and rough and tumble action and empowerment and everything. Harley is a natural fit in there. When I saw the look, I said, “I could see her doing that. That’s a lot of fun.”

Dini is a [little more positive than I was](

[^fn1]: I doubt I have to mention that Dini is credited with creating Ms. Quinn.