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→ Victor Davis Hanson breaks down the new Obama Lexicon

Some of my favorites:

Affordable Care Act: Mostly unaffordable, uncaring, and inactive.

Drones: Sophisticated, humane military tools in the hands of the right commander in chief.

Filibusters: Unpatriotic obstructionism begun in 2007.

Fracking: Produces way too much unnecessary energy and money.

Unemployment Rate: It depends on why you want to know.

→ Erick Erickson says “Hell No” on Fixing Obamacare

Obamacare is a train wreck of epic proportions. It will ruin the economy, drive individuals into full time part time status as employees, harm small businesses, and make Americans more and more dependent on the federal government as slaves to the entitlement state while ballooning our national debt.

But it is all free, right?

→ Kill the Immigation Bill

The Weekly Standard and National Review agree on the immigration bill:

We are conservatives who have differed in the past on immigration reform, with Kristol favorably disposed toward it and Lowry skeptical. But the Gang of Eight has brought us into full agreement: Their bill, passed out of the Senate, is a comprehensive mistake. House Republicans should kill it without reservation.

If both of those publications agree, there is no reason that the bill should pass the Senate.

→ Drawing the Battle Lines in the Republican Party

Erick Erickson explains the current state of the Republican Party:

The Republican Party is not fighting for the heart and soul of the nation because the Republican Party is fighting for its own heart and soul. Made worse, many in the Republican base continue to idolize some of the men and women in the Republican Party who have caused the very problems the party now faces. It is adrift morally, intellectually, and physically with a depressed base of activists, an out of touch base of rich donors, and a leadership that has spent more time in the Virginia and DC area than the Army of the Potomac under George B. McClellan.

It is because of articles like this that I am very glad we have people like Mr. Erickson fighting the good fight.

→ Why Must ‘Every One of Us’ Make Government Work Better?

Jim Geraghty, writing at National Review:

You’re never going to get “each of us and every one of us” to agree on the best way to make the federal government work better. So if this idea really requires “each of us and every one of us” to pitch in to make it work, maybe we should scrap it. If the federal government really can’t work any better than this without every single American working towards the same goal, maybe we should scrap our current approach, set priorities on what we really need the federal government to do and leave all the extra stuff to the states, local governments, private sector or nonprofits. Because when “everybody” is responsible, no one is responsible.

Leave all the extra stuff to the states? What a novel idea.1

  1. Well, novel if you have never read this country’s founding documents. 

→ Evening Edition goes full on Leftist

This is disappointing. The Evening Edition had been fairly balanced in its reporting coverage for most of its life, but went full on left-wing today in its abortion coverage. Hopefully, it was just a one time thing.

→ Barack Obama Wants Your Mom To Nag You To Buy Insurance

Anyone who is reasonably healthy, under 35, and does not have health insurance from his or her employer is going to be tempted to just pay the IRS fine instead of getting health insurance. The cost of the fine is going to be way less than getting insurance, and, since insurance companies are not allowed to deny people for pre-existing conditions, people can just wait until they get sick and then buy the insurance. As a result, the Obama administration needs to convince these young people to buy insurance that costs more than it should so that they can subsidize the rest of Obamacare. What a disaster.

→ Robert Moffit on Delaying the Employer Health Mandate

First, facing the January 1, 2014, deadline, they see disaster in imposing the employer mandate in an election year. The White House is not politically stupid. While government actuaries predicted a modest dumping of workers out of job-based coverage, independent analysts predicted major disruptions in employer-based coverage. That, by the way, may happen anyway. If the taxpayers must subsidize health costs for millions in the exchanges in 2014, what’s to stop employers from offloading their workers and their costs?

I hope that Democrats do not get a “free pass” on Obamacare during the 2014 election because of this move. I have a feeling that the law is so horrible, however, that people are going to feel the effects regardless.

→ Yuval Levin on Delaying Obamacare

Mr. Levin’s breakdown has too many good parts to quote just one. I encourage everyone to read the whole thing.

→ The Obamacare delay — maybe not so clever

David Freddoso, writing at the Conservative Intelligence Briefing:

And finally, Obamacare was never intended to move already-insured people into the health insurance exchanges. The purpose was to insure the uninsured. By dropping the employer mandate, the administration is making its this goal more difficult to reach. Until yesterday, employers faced a choice between providing insurance as of January or paying a fine. Now, businesses that don’t currently provide insurance to employees have no incentive to start doing so until 2015, and in fact they probably have a disincentive to offer it until at least then.

Hopefully this little stunt will not give enough cover to Democrats that they end up doing half-decent in the 2014 election. Also, let’s hope it gives something that all parts of the Republican party can unite behind.

→ Dear GOP: Don’t Get Cute With This

Erick Erickson with a plea to Congressional Republicans:

Americans sent Republicans to Washington to end Obamacare, not mend it. Repeal the whole damn thing, not parts. If Obama wants to unilaterally exempt employers, let the employers suddenly start pushing Americans off to health care exchanges and watch as Americans become enraged — suffering a government run exchange and an individual mandate.

This law is a disaster. It is time that the people who supported are forced to pay a price of passing it. Unfortunately, the only way to make that happen, is to let the law take effect.

→ Obamacare’s Employer Mandate Delayed until 2015

Shocking. This law is such a disaster.

→ North Carolina as the Next Wisconsin

John Hood writing at National Review:

Now that conservatives have their first opportunity in modern times to enact a reform agenda for North Carolina, the Left is going all out to try to stop it. I don’t just mean liberal groups and politicians within the state. As The Atlantic reports today, North Carolina has become the new Wisconsin for the American Left. Although the vast majority of weekly “Moral Monday” protests against the Republicans in Raleigh are North Carolinians, they’ve received lots of support and encouragement from elsewhere, including MSNBC and the like.

The best way to counteract the coverage from those leftist national outlets is to make changes that end up making the state’s economy better. I am crossing my fingers that happens.

→ Victor Davis Hanson Makes a Sobering Comparison

Like Rome, America apparently can coast for a long time on the fumes of its wonderful political heritage and economic dynamism — even if both are little understood or appreciated by most who still benefit from them.

As always, VDH hit the proverbial nail on the head.

→ Bolton Plans a Tour of Early-Primary States | National Review Online

Robert Costa writing at National Review:

Enter John Bolton. Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is being encouraged by several leading conservative power brokers to consider a presidential bid.

Bolton, who briefly considered running for president in 2012, hasn’t made up his mind. But sources tell me that he is moving closer to giving the idea serious consideration — serious enough to travel to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Even though he is an intriguing candidate, I feel like he does not have the looks or charisma to win a national election.

→ Amazon to stop paying Minnesota bloggers for sales traffic

Minnesota E-Fairness legislation, signed by Gov. Mark Dayton on May 23 and going into effect July 1, classifies independent bloggers and online reviewers as a physical presence of a business in the state. This means online companies who pay these people to generate new sales must collect tax not just on those sales, but on all sales in the state.

Amazon’s response? They simply cut Minnesota bloggers from their affiliates problem.

You would think state legislatures would have learned the law of unintended consequences by now.

→ Jonah Goldberg’s Challenge to Young Obama Supporters

Whenever curmudgeons like yours truly suggested that young people were getting caught up in a fad or that Obama was simply buying votes at the expense of taxpayers, you’d have a fit. You’d insist that millennials are not only informed, but eager to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Well, here’s your chance to prove it: Fork over whatever it costs to buy the best health insurance you can under Obamacare. Just in case you forgot, under Obamacare healthy young people such as yourself not only need to buy health insurance in order for the whole thing to work, but have to be overcharged for it. If you don’t pay more — probably a lot more — than what you could get today on the market in most states, Obamacare will come apart like wet toilet paper.

But isn’t Obamacare going to make everything free?

→ Ted Cruz Takes Center Stage, Media Increases Attacks

When the media comes after someone this hard, it is a clear sign that he or she is doing something right. Go get ’em Senator Cruz.

→ IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

Unbelievable. You think they the IRS is bad now, wait until they are the enforcers behind Obamacare.

→ Under Obama’s budget, most Americans would face somewhat higher tax burden – The Washington Post

Oh, really? You don’t say?

Of course Obama’s budget is going to raise the taxes on everyone, that is what liberals do. Thankfully, this report is in the Washington Post, which–every one knows–has a huge conservative bias.1

  1. Well, either that or it is a completely slanted to the left. Close enough.