Why Must ‘Every One of Us’ Make Government Work Better?

Jim Geraghty, writing at *National Review*:

> You’re never going to get “each of us and every one of us” to agree on the best way to make the federal government work better. So if this idea really requires “each of us and every one of us” to pitch in to make it work, maybe we should scrap it. If the federal government really can’t work any better than this without every single American working towards the same goal, maybe we should scrap our current approach, set priorities on what we really need the federal government to do and leave all the extra stuff to the states, local governments, private sector or nonprofits. Because when “everybody” is responsible, no one is responsible.

Leave all the extra stuff to the states? What a novel idea.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: Well, novel if you have never read this country’s founding documents.