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→ Drawing the Battle Lines in the Republican Party

Erick Erickson explains the current state of the Republican Party:

The Republican Party is not fighting for the heart and soul of the nation because the Republican Party is fighting for its own heart and soul. Made worse, many in the Republican base continue to idolize some of the men and women in the Republican Party who have caused the very problems the party now faces. It is adrift morally, intellectually, and physically with a depressed base of activists, an out of touch base of rich donors, and a leadership that has spent more time in the Virginia and DC area than the Army of the Potomac under George B. McClellan.

It is because of articles like this that I am very glad we have people like Mr. Erickson fighting the good fight.

→ Sox Win Behind Napoli Grand Slam!

It was a pretty fun game to watch. I hope Napoli can keep this up.

→ Neil Diamond leads Fenway Park crowd in singing of ‘Sweet Caroline’ (video)

Well done, Mr. Diamond. Well done.

→ Red Sox 7, Indians 2: Red Sox punish wild Ubaldo Jimenez, win fourth straight

Technically, the game was not over until after 10:30. In reality, it was over at about 7:30.

→ “Another strong day” for Ortiz in Florida

It is good to hear that Papi is progressing well. I was a little nervous during spring training that he might have a lost season. After seeing the Sox so far this year, I have a feeling that a Papi, Napoli, Middlebrooks lineup is going to make me very, very happy.

→ Iglesias: ‘If I have to go [to minors], I don’t mind’

Iglesias has earned a chance to be the Red Sox everyday shortstop. I hope Farrell has a short leash with Drew.

→ Tim Britton’s Takeaway on Today’s Red Sox Win Versus the Orioles

I recommend taking some time to read Britton’s recount of Nava’s history with the team. It is a great story.

→ Not Everyone is a Fan of Senator Rubio’s Plan

Erick Erickson writing at Red State:

I think this plan is warmed over McCain-Kennedy and will do nothing to solve the problem. I say this as someone to the left of much of the readership here at RedState and the conservative base.

The GOP was smart to put Marco Rubio as the face of the plan because many of us like him personally, support him still, and consequently don’t want to seem critical.

But the plan makes the actual problem of immigration more difficult to solve.

Analysis like this is why Mr. Erickson is the best at what he does.

→ Erick Erickson with a Prediction

If House Republicans lose in November of 2014, it won’t be because they fought the good fight. It’ll be because they left John Boehner as Speaker who decided to rely routinely on a bunch of Democrats to help him sell out so he wouldn’t have to fight.

I could not agree more.