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→ Andrelton Simmons made a ridiculous throw from shallow left field

Seeing plays like this kind of makes me miss the days of Joe Iglesias playing shortstop for the Sox.

→ GIFs of Last Night’s Sox win in ALCS Game 5

Last night’s game had a lot of great moments that are worthing seeing again. My favorite is Napoli’s home run, but Igelsias’ catch was pretty amazing.1

  1. I can deal with watching the catch because (1) the Sox won and (2) he was the one who got the out that ended the game. 

→ Jake Peavy comes through in postseason start

It is tough to argue with the trade after last night.(Of course, that might change if Iglesias carries the Tigers past the Red Sox in the ALCS)

→ Jhonny Peralta will rejoin the Tigers this week, but he won’t be their everyday shortstop if he’s activated

[G]eneral manager Dave Dombrowski didn't say the Tigers would activate Peralta. In fact, he said if Peralta were to re-join the active roster he wouldn't be the starting shortstop anymore. That job now belongs to rookie Jose Iglesias, who the Tigers acquired from the Boston Red Sox at the July trade deadline. Peralta, instead, would be prepped for more of a utility role, from the sound of things.

I'm happy for Iglesias, but I miss watching his wizardry with the glove.

→ Jose Iglesias makes an incredible barehanded play

Plays like this are why the Iglesias trade made me sad.1

  1. This coming a few days after Peavy had a less than spectacular outing does not help, either. 

→ Jose Iglesias has taken a sharp downturn at the plate

But while it was just one game, it nonetheless is disconcerting that a batter who was hitting .434 with a .484 on-base percentage on June 25 has needed less than a month to tumble all the way to .343 with a .428 on-base percentage. He’s hit .227 with a .266 on-base percentage in that span.

We all knew that Iglesias could not keep up his torrid bace. It is just too bad it happened so soon.

→ Jonah Keri’s Midseason AL Awards

With Jose Iglesias as the Rookie of the Year, and the Red Sox as the “Biggest Surprise Team,”Jonah Keri brings a smile to my face yet again.

→ The sustainable side of Jose Iglesias’ success at the plate

Matt Sullivan writing at Over the Monster:

It is true: Jose Iglesias is probably not going to continue to hit 71 percent better than league average all year. He isn’t going to have every blooper land between fielders forever. He almost certainly won’t out-slug David Wright, Andrew McCutchen and Yadier Molina for the rest of the year. Even though Jose Iglesias will have to stop hitting like Ty Cobb in the not-so-distance future, he is not necessarily doomed to being the same player that he was as a minor leaguer. Behind those ridiculous numbers, there are several signs that point to a real improvement in his hitting abilities.

Igelsias has been one of the best stories for the Red Sox this year and I could not be happier for him.

→ Iglesias: ‘If I have to go [to minors], I don’t mind’

Iglesias has earned a chance to be the Red Sox everyday shortstop. I hope Farrell has a short leash with Drew.

→ Time to Call up Iglesias

Three more hits on Sunday boosted Iglesias’ August batting average to .348 with a .423 on-base percentage. He’s doubled five times and drawn nine walks. It’s even better than the May he put together in which he hit .341 with a .364 on-base percentage with two doubles, a triple and a home run, a hot run interrupted by a back injury that sidelined him for a month.

Unfortunately, he suffered an ankle injury toward the end of the game. Assuming he’s healthy in another week, call him up to the Sox. There really is no reason not to let him get some time against major league pitching while the Sox play out this season. Though this season is over as far as the Sox playoff chances, they should use this time wisely to find out what they really have in some of these prospects.