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→ A New Englander’s guide to labeling every other NFL team a cheat

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The Seahawks lead the league in performance-enhancing drug use since Pete Carroll’s arrival in 2010, and that doesn’t even include the overturning of Richard Sherman’s positive test before the first of three straight playoff appearances. Talk about deflated balls in the Super Bowl.

But, of course, let’s talk about how the game balls used by the Patriots in another game had a little less air.

→ Avatar Sequels Delayed a Year

I would have thought this would get a little more press coverage.

→ Fox Expects “Sleepy Hollow” To Shift From Serialized To Episodic Stories

Ugh. FOX can never let a quality fantasy / sci-fi show just develop.

→ Agent Carter show runners reveal Black Widow connection

I had been hoping they had something like this in mind when they casted Bridget Regan. I am glad to see they followed through.1

  1. Related note: This show is really, really good. 

→ Mick Foley Used A Fanny Pack To Cheat In The Wing Bowl And Got Ejected

Mick ?!? What are you doing?

→ Keith Law unveils Red Sox top-10 prospects

Just posting this to get my mind kickstarted into thinking about baseball.

→ Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

Start the countdown…

MMoM Year at Disney Selections

On Episode 193 of Mighty Men of Mouse, the gang was asked a question about how they would spend a year at Walt Disney World. Loosely translated, the question asked them to:

  1. Pick a resort that would be home for the year (no DVC)
  2. Pick a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner where they would always eat that given meal (it could be a different restaurant for each meal)
  3. Pick a single snack that they could get outside of the above listed meals.

Even though no one asked for me to answer the question, I decided to provide my answers below. Unlike in the [MMoM Draft] I did consider relative location and transportation in my answers.



Grand Floridian Resort and Spa: The Grand Floridian is one of the premier resorts at Walt Disney World, featuring some of the nicest rooms and a prime location near the Magic Kingdom. Additionally, transportation to other resorts (e.g., in case Elyssa and I want to go view animals on the savannah at Animal Kingdom Lodge) via the Magic Kingdom transportation depot is only a single stop away on the Resort Monorail. It also includes excellent restaurant options that can be leveraged for the other answers.

Runner Up:

Yacht Club: It’s a great resort. It has Storm-along bay. It’s where Elyssa and I spent part of our honeymoon. It’s a really good runner-up, but the restaurant and transportation options don’t align as well with the rest of the year-long plan.



Crystal Palace: A breakfast buffet in the Magic Kingdom that includes good food (in both quality and variety), the option to interact with characters (if I’m in the mood on a given day), and the the ability to get into the Magic Kingdom at 8am any day that I choose.

Runners Up:

Tusker House: All things considered, probably Elyssa’s and my favorite breakfast option. It’s back of the Animal Kingdom location, however, doesn’t align well with the rest of the year-long plan.

1900 Park Fare: Includes 2 of the advantages of our winning selection, but lacks the early access to the Magic Kingdom. Ultimately, the ability to secure pre-park-open Magic Kingdom access was more compelling than having a location at our resort.



Grand Floridian Cafe: The menu for the Grand Floridian Cafe contains a wide variety of items that are perfect for lunch, including: a burger, a grilled chicken caesar salad, and, the Grand Sandwich. The Café’s location in the Grand Floridian is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Runner Up:

Via Napoli: Dutch’s reasoning for selecting Via Napoli was very compelling. Even though I am someone who normally eats a lighter lunch than pizza, I did consider this option.



Narcoossee’s: People all have their favorite “high end” Disney restaurant. For some that might be Victoria and Albert’s, or maybe California Grill. For Elyssa and me, it’s Narcooossee’s. I admit that my view might be clouded by an amazing meal on our honeymoon, but I fail to believe that is the only reason why I enjoy Narcooossee’s. Like many of our choices, Narcoossee’s location (both in relation to our “home” resort and its windows looking out at the Magic Kingdom) plays a factor in the choice, but, somewhat surprisingly, Narcoossee’s also has a fairly wide selection of different meal choices (especially when considering the additional options available on the kids menu.) Also, the Narcoossee’s Candy Bar might be the single best thing I have ever eaten.

Runners Up:

Whispering Canyon A nice selection of solid dinner foods, in a location that’s not terrible to get to from the Floridian (monorail to Magic Kingdom, boat over to Wilderness Lodge), and it still leave us close to the Magic Kingdom for late night rides on the Mine Train.



Ice cream sandwich from the Plaza Ice Parlor: I am pretty sure there are times when Elyssa and I have been dangerously close to sustaining ourselves on only these treast. You get delicious cookies and your choice of whatever flavor of ice cream. It’s great any time of year, but especially in the hot Florida sun.

Runner Up:

*Corn dog nuggets from Casey’s Corner: A great snack / mini-meal that’s a nice, shareable twist on an American classic. They lose out to the ice cream sandwich, however, for their lack of “dessert-replacement-ability.”

→ David Tennant cast as the Purple Man in AKA Jessica Jones

I wonder how people are going to react when they see how messed up the Purple Man is as a villain.

→ AKA Jessica Jones Casts Rachael Taylor As Patsy Walker

I’m in favor of any decision that brings more Rachel Taylor to my television.

→ Rumor Chris Pratt’s COWBOY NINJA VIKING Film Finds Its Directors

Chris Pratt will now star in ALL THE MOVIES.

→ A Close Look A The LEGO Marvel Superheroes SHIELD Helicarrier

I want this even more, now.

→ Paula Creamer makes ace in LPGA opener, does nice shoulder shimmy

Still my favorite LPGA golfer.

→ LEGO lifts off with epic SHIELD Helicarrier playset

I might really want this.

→ Your Guide To Deflate-gate/Ballghazi-Related Statistical Analyses

SPOILER ALERT: The article about the Patriots fumbles was riddled with statistical errors.

→ A Day in the Life of Baby Groot


→ Report: Disney have their hearts set on Chris Pratt as the next Indiana Jones

Just in case being the lead actor in 2 major franchises isn’t enough.

→ David Tennant will be The Purple Man on AKA Jessica Jones

I love David Tennant, and I am pumped I am going to see him on television. I am interested to see how far they go with his backstory with Jessica Jones, though. In the comics, it’s super, super creepy.

→ Arizona State students have perfected the art of free throw distraction

This is amazing.

→ Simon Pegg To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film

Can we get Edgar Wright to direct, too?