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→ A review of the Omni Group’s 2014 and our plans for 2015

OmniOutliner is coming to iPhone!! Woo hoo!!

→ Here are the Polynesian DVC room layouts

I would love to stay in one of these rooms. I don’t think I’ll be spending $3,000 a night for them anytime soon.

→ New Retail MagicBands and Accessories to Kick Off 2015 at Walt Disney World Resort

I can’t believe I’m seriously considering buying a Buzz Lightyear Magicband.

→ Rumor about a Possible Attractions For Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Interesting rumor. I think a Disney would need some way to increase the capacity of this attraction to make it viable in Disney World.

→ Inside the Magic’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Videos for 2014

Speaking of Disney “Year in” recaps, here is the Top 10 videos from the year at Inside the Magic

→ Cory Disbrow’s Walt Disney World Year in Photos 2014

I have a lot of memories from Disney World this year, and this post just helps bubble them to the surface.

→ Human-Sized Teaser For The Ant-Man Teaser

Really neat marketing trick with the “ant sized” trailer, followed by the “human sized” one. I’m looking forward to seeing the full trailer.

→ Injury Not Dimming Ashlan Ramsey’s Optimism About Rookie Season

A back injury that doctors cannot diagnose does not sound good. Here’s hoping a fellow Clemson Tiger can still have a great rookie season.